Disqus VS CommentLuv- Which is the Best Comment System for Your Blog?

disqus vs commentluv

The comments section is an integral part of any blog.

You see

Without the comments section, a blog is incomplete and lifeless!

When it comes to WordPress blogs, since the very early days, it comes with a built-in commenting system set as the default.

It’s more than enough and good for newbie bloggers.

Since the default, WordPress comment system is not visually appealing and prone to spam attacks

Many webmasters or Blogger are forced to change their commenting system.

Out of the many types of commenting system such as JetPack, Facebook Comments, Google+ Commenting System, etc

The two most comment system being

1. CommentLuv

2. Disqus

So let’s discuss which one is best suited for you.

1. CommentLuv


For anybody that doesn’t know what CommentLuv is, it is a WordPress comment plugin that will enable people to leave a link underneath their comment.

I am sure you must have seen this type of commenting system on many Blogs

disqus vs commentluv

Advantages Of CommentLuv

Since it has the features to leave a link unto your latest post under the comment,

This further encourages people to leave a comment

This feature alone attracts blog owners very much.

Normally people in the B2B niche takes advantage of this

Since back-links are of great importance, they normally don’t hesitate to comment on CommentLuv enabled blogs.

By using this system, it increases the number of comments on your post.

Disadvantages Of CommentLuv

Since the free version of this plugin has no social log-in features, it requires only their name, email address and website in order to comment.

There is no logging in, Setting up an account and stuff like that

So, That means literally anyone can comment in a matter of seconds

To be honest, as much as it helps in increasing your engagement and Comments

It is also a place for spamming their links

It attracts visitors that are website owners themselves

Since it gives backlinks even though it’s a no-follow it still helps

So, blog owners will comment a lot on your blog.

This may at first seem like people actually like your post,

But Some people comment only for the links and may not even read your article

Some Examples are: “Great Post” Nice Post” “Helpful”

Most of these comments will be just rubbish and just one line of appreciation

Sometimes the comments have no engagement at all and add 0% value in their comments


To help in spam-fighting webmasters must purchase a premium version of CommentLuv

2. Disqus

disqus vs comment luv

Disqus is one of the most popular commenting systems on the Internet, having been downloaded over an impressive 1.2 million times so far.

Some of the world biggest sites like Wired, CNN, Bloomberg, Searchengineland also use Disqus too

Advantages Of Disqus

Since users have to sign up first for an account before commenting, It helps in reducing Spam

Disqus has the option to login using any of the major social media accounts – Google+, Facebook or Twitter.

In case the admin enables the option of guest posting, then users can comment as guests, by just entering their name and E-Mail address.

Due to these powerful features, Disqus is spam-proof

It also has other interesting features that aren’t available in CommentLuv such as up-voting and down-voting of comments, discussion options, etc.

Most of the comments on Disqus are genuine and have real intention

They tend to get higher-quality comments and promote quality discussion.

Disqus now works on a real-time basis. So that means that you don’t have to refresh a page to check for new comments.

It also has an inbuilt ‘community’ box that will display all your top commentators, not only in that particular post but also in other posts with their latest comments.

This makes it easy for people to see, not only who is commenting on a particular post, but also across your entire site

You can even monetize through Disqus

disqus vs comment luv

If the admin chooses to activate the program on the blog, Disqus will place links at the bottom of the post, above or below the comments (You can choose the position).

Revenue is generated according to CPC.

Disadvantages Of Disqus

Sometimes if the network is slow or for some reason if the site is loading slow Disqus takes too much time to load and has to be reloaded to correctly display the comments.

There have been some complaints about loading problems reported for some browsers,

Many users don’t want to sign up or log in with their social media, so they will just not leave their comment


I personally use Disqus at neilhosting.com

It’s not that I have anything against CommentLuv

I think both are amazing tools with their own unique features

They both have got their own pros and cons

You can pick either of them for you based on your preference

Which comment system do you use?

Let us know your views and opinions by leaving a comment below!

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