Android Tips: How to Disable Predictive Text on Your Smartphones

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Predictive input is the main highlight of any Android keyboard. It will come with all the possible outcomes of your combination key press. Usually, it will help you to auto-fill the field but sometimes irritate you, especially when you made spelling mistakes a couple of times earlier.

Turn on or off Predictive Text in Android

Do you know how to activate or deactivate the feature? The settings may vary depends on your Android version. These are the common steps to enable/disable the type suggestions.

  • Open system settings on the device
  • Scroll down until you see Language and Input menu
  • Confirm which keyboard you are using right now. Its name will be displayed under the Default Keyboard option.

android predictive text

  • Next rush to Keyboard and Input Preferences and click on the desired keyboard to open its settings.
  • If it’s Google Keyboard, you will get a couple of sub menus. Choose Input from them.
  • Disable Next word Suggestions/Show Suggestions to turn off predictive text.

android predictive text

  • If you are using a system keyboard like Samsung, disable Predictive text from the settings.

android predictive text

  • Done!

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