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How to Disable ‘Last Seen’ Feature on Facebook and Instagram

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How to Disable 'Last Seen' Feature on Facebook and Instagram

We use several social media and messaging apps to effectively communicate with others from anywhere on the go. Those apps are highly valuable in terms of speed and accuracy. They let you send anything like regular texts, photo, video, and other files to another party with the power of the internet. The content will be delivered instantly and you will get confirmed in the form of tick marks.

However, users can disable the option and deny delivery reports to the senders. Learn How to Disable Read Receipts in WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. But still, your messaging app will spy on you and inform others about your last online presence.

You may be aware of the ‘last seen’ option on Facebook Messenger and Instagram. Each conversation appears with a timestamp of recipient’s last activity on the network. Many users like the ‘last seen’ feature but others not as it may affect their privacy.

This post shows how to disable the last seen feature on Facebook Messenger and Instagram.

1. Facebook Messenger

Open your Messenger app and sign into the account.

Tap your profile picture in the top right corner of the screen.

Now you will get a screen like this,

Last Seen facebook

The activity status appears in the green color as default to indicate that you are online at this moment. Click there to manage the option.

Now you should see a new window,

Last Seen facebook

Drag the ‘Show when you’re active’ toggle button to the left to disable ‘last seen’ and hide your status from others. Facebook will seek your confirmation by showing a pop-up message.

Last Seen facebook

Click on Turn off to disable the feature. Thereafter no one can see whether you are online or when was your last sign in etc. It will also disable your chance of tracking the presence of other users on Messenger.

2. Instagram

Open the Instagram app and sign into your account.

Tap three lines icon on the on the top of your profile. Choose settings from the bottom.

Last Seen instagram

Scroll down to the bottom to find ‘Activity Status’ that appears under ‘Privacy and Security’ head. Click on the option and you will get a new page with activity status in blue color.

Last Seen instagram

Drag the toggle button to the left to turn off ‘last seen’ activity. When it disabled, you won’t be able to see the activity status of other Instagram accounts.


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