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How to Disable Gutenberg and Return to the Classic Editor in WordPress

How to Disable Gutenberg and Return to the Classic Editor in WordPress

WordPress 5.0 update came with major developments to the post editor. It replaced the old classic editor with a page builder style editor, Gutenberg. The new change won’t affect your website visitors and they can access your contents as usual. In other words, the implementation of Gutenberg is an internal matter and it won’t affect your business in any way.

The Gutenberg editor provides a more flexible and extensive editing experience to WordPress backend users. You can customize the pages as you like to change their look or design them for different devices. The content area is divided into various block types like heading, paragraph, quotes, image, video, lists etc which you can access and manage individually.

Despite all these facts, many users still not like the block-based editor. The Gutenberg plugin was already available in the WordPress library and it carries 2.3 out of 5-star ratings with more than 6,00,000 active installations. It has 959 1-star ratings and 400 5-star ratings at this moment.

If you don’t want to migrate to the new interface, follow these instructions to disable Gutenberg and keep using the classic editor in WordPress.

Install Classic editor in WordPress

1. First, sign into your WordPress website. Visit Plugins from the left pane of your dashboard and choose ‘Add New’ option. Search for ‘Classic editor’.

classic editor WordPress

Install and activate the plugin from the results.

2. Once the plugin is activated, open Settings from the left pane of your screen and choose Writing.

classic editor WordPress

These are the default settings for the plugin. The second option lets users switch in between the editor types. You need not make any adjustments here.

3. Open post editor from Posts > ‘Add New’ to create a new post. You will get the classic post editor like this,

classic editor WordPress

That’s all.

Now you have successfully returned to the old classic editor in WordPress.

When editing posts, you will get two editor options to open with. Visit Posts > All Posts screen and mouse over a post that you want to edit.

How to Disable Gutenberg and Return to the Classic Editor in WordPress 1

Click the Block Editor or Classic Editor to use. The post will open using the editor of your choice.

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