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How to Disable Comments in WordPress Posts and Pages

Disable comments WordPress

Comments are really helpful to improve your writing skills. Readers can share their thoughts and point out mistakes if any using the comments section of each post. Thus a strong relationship builds in between both the parties.

By default, comments are enabled in WordPress posts and pages. How to remove them for individual pages? To disable comments on a page, from WordPress editor scroll down to the bottom to locate Discussion options. Uncheck Allow comments box.

Disable comments WordPress

If you are unable to find out the box, tap Screen options from the top right side to show hidden tools. Check the Discussion to showcase the settings.

Nevertheless being valuable, comments are unnecessary for some kinds of websites. Such site owners may want to disable the part to avoid spamming and reduce the server load. But it is not practical to disable comments for each and every post. Isn’t it?

They will look for alternative options for doing the job.

The behavior of disabling comments can be divided into two:

  1. Globally disable comments
  2. Disable the comments as a whole but override the setting for individual posts and pages

Globally disable comments in WordPress

Disable comments WordPress

Disable Comments is a fantastic plugin to disable and delete WordPress comments at once. After activation, it will give you two options to disable the comments.

  • Everywhere: Disable and hide all comment related controls from the entire site. Readers can’t leave comments on any part of WordPress including posts, pages, and media attachments.
  • On certain post types: Remove comments from specific page types like posts, pages, and media.

The plugin won’t permit you to override the settings and activate comments for individual posts, pages, etc. It will also hide all comment links, discussion settings, trackbacks and pingbacks, comment related widgets and sections from the dashboard according to the option selected. Click plugin tools and tap Delete all comments to delete them with one click. It will show the number of comments you received so far and they will be erased within a few moments.

Disable comments with the ability to enable them individually in WordPress

Disable comments WordPress

No Page Comment empowers you to selectively disable comments on various parts of the WordPress site. After activation, it will ask wherever you want to remove comments and trackbacks. It includes new posts, pages, media, and custom post types. Select desired boxes and hit Update Settings button to save changes.

If you want to turn off comments on previous contents as well, go to the next section and click relevant buttons next to each content type to enable or disable comments and trackbacks on them. A notification box will open to confirm the changes. Hit Ok.

Now comments on selected post types have been closed. To override the setting and turn on comments for specific posts or pages, open them in edit mode and scroll down to the bottom to see Discussion settings that we saw in the beginning of this post. Check Allow comments option to turn on comments. Tap Publish or Update to start receiving comments on the chosen post.

Do you still want to customize the comments part? The following resources could be useful: