iOS Tips: How to Delete Words from iPhone Predictive Text

iOS Tips How to Delete Words from iPhone Predictive TextPin

The predictive text makes messaging easier and sometimes frustrating. Is it? iPhone will remember our commonly used words and suggest you next time with a keypress.

It reduces our effort to type a difficult phrase or word. But at the same time, it will be annoying if you made spelling mistakes a couple of times. Without knowing that, it will ask you to type the same word via the suggestion box.

Turn on or off Predictive Text in iPhone

Before telling you how to delete words from the predictive text, I would like to mention how can you activate the feature.

  • Visit Settings on the device.
  • Choose General.
  • Select your Keyboard.
  • Predictive change > Turn on/off.

You will have one more way to turn on or off the predictive text input. Tap and hold the language key (it looks like a globe) on the keyboard and toggle “Predictive” to on or off.

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How to delete words from type suggestions (iPhone)

It is not possible to select some words and delete them from type suggestions. You might be interested in such an option as a result of a number of reasons, I know. But unfortunately, Apple doesn’t provide that feature as of now.

However, you can reset the keyboard dictionary to delete entire predictive words from history. To do so, go to Settings > General > Keyboard and choose Reset Keyboard Dictionary. Enter the password when asked. Done!

Use Swiftkey or Gboard like third-party keyboard apps that bring advanced techniques to make your typing better and powerful.

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