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How to Customize and Reorder Admin Menu in WordPress

wordpress admin menu

WordPress menu titles are common for every installation. In the dashboard, it will show blog posts under the head Posts, media files under the Media head, Plugins under the head Plugins and so on.

How to change the default menu in WordPress?

WordPress admin menu

Install and activate Admin Menu Editor plugin in your WordPress website. It lets you customize the dashboard menu items, reorder, hide, delete and even create new menu items in WordPress.

The plugin is also capable to rename plugins and hide them from other users on the site. Admin Menu Editor is a powerful tool, but use it with caution. If you hide any item, it will be invisible to all users, including administrators.

Open Settings > Menu Editor to change and manage menus in your dashboard.

This will be the default screen of Menu editor plugin.

WordPress admin menu

Click on the drop down arrow of menu titles to see sub menus and customization options.

Select a menu to customize its title, target page, capability or hide and delete it. Menus and sub menus can be easily reordered using drag and drop feature. You can also create a new menu in the sidebar, assign target page and other parameters using the plugin.

Tap Plugins menu from the top to rename and hide each of them from other users. Once finished, don’t forget to save your changes.

Hit Load default menu button to revert your changes and go back to the preloaded WordPress menu. If it is not working, type http://example.com/wp-admin/?reset_admin_menu=1 in the address bar to reset the menu configuration. Replace example.com with your site URL.

That’s it.

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