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How to Use Custom User Avatars in WordPress

Wordpress user avatars

Do you want to change the default user avatar in WordPress? Don’t you know how to disable Gravatar images?

WordPress allows you to use Gravatar user avatars by default. If you want to change the current avatar, should change it from the Gravatar website.

But what will happen if a user is not having a Gravatar account?

user avatars wordpress

He will get the default Mystery Person icon as the profile image that appears in posts, pages, and comments. It is not attractive as you know and we see the same avatar in millions of sites for whom not having profile images.

Is there any alternative to Gravatar? How can you upload or use custom user avatars in WordPress?

How to set own, customized avatars in WordPress. 

user avatars wordpress

WP User Avatar is the most popular plugin in the category. It enables you to show custom avatars anywhere in the site including front page and sidebar using shortcodes. Choose any image in your media library or that in Dropbox to represent your face on the site.

After activation, the plugin will replace Gravatar tools from user profiles with own upload option. By tapping the upload button, you can select an existing media library image as your avatar or upload from the computer. Open Avatars from the bottom left bar and choose Settings to manage the plugin.

user avatars wordpress

Open Avatars from the bottom left bar and choose Settings to manage the plugin. Admin, Editor and Author users are able to set custom avatars by default. If you want to extend the feature to contributors and subscribers as well, check the second box in the above screenshot. The plugin currently shows your present Gravatar image in the profile. To completely disable Gravatar and use only local avatars check the third option.

How to change default avatar

WP-User Avatar will use the default avatar icon in case anyone forgets to set own image.

user avatars wordpress

How to display own, site-specific avatar for such users? Tap Choose Image button to select a media library image. That’s all. Now the above-seen icon should be replaced with your new chosen image.

Demo & Download WP User Avatar

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