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How to Crosspost Videos to Multiple Facebook Pages

crosspost videos facebook

We often share videos on Facebook pages. It may be a song, promotion, event or something else. You may have multiple Facebook pages and it’s difficult to share videos in each of them if you have a limited net connection.

Is it possible to crosspost videos on multiple Facebook pages at the same time?

Yes, you can. In this short guide, we’ll tell you what to do.

Sign in to Facebook first. Open your page and go to the settings. Locate the second last option in the left pane, Crossposting.

crosspost videos facebook

Enter a page name or Facebook URL in Add Page field to add a page where do you want to crosspost the video. The said page will be able to view insights for the crossposted videos.

After selection, click Page tab to upload your video. While uploading, you will get options like this.

crosspost videos facebook

Choose Crossposting to view pages that can use your videos. Turn on the toggle button for each of the pages. When the upload is finished, you can publish it instantly or schedule it for a later time.

Open your second page or ask the admin to login to the connected page. Visit Videos section and select Video Library. Locate Videos you can crosspost menu from the left pane. You can find out the crossposted videos there. Select and publish it or access the video insights by clicking on the relevant links.