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How to Create & Manage a To-do List in WordPress

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A perfect planning is needed to organize your blogging tasks. It may be related to writing posts, editing files, manage SEO and so on.

Things will be more complicated if you are running a multi-author blog. Sometimes, you should guide authors on what to write and how to write. Instructions with a deadline will help them to fulfill the tasks within the stipulated time.

Configuring a To-Do list

Todo List wordpress

Cleverness To-Do List is an excellent plugin to create and manage tasks in WordPress. It lets you create both common and private to-do lists with lots of features. You can assign items to a specific user which can be optionally hidden from other users as well.

After activation, the plugin will add a To-Do list menu on the left sidebar. Go to settings to configure the plugin. You will find four different tabs on the page namely To-do List Settings, Advanced Settings, User Permissions and Import/Export.

To-do List Settings

Categories: Choose Enabled if you want to organize the tasks across the categories. You can create many categories as you wish like blog posts, theme edit, SEO, plugin configuration, comment management etc.

List View: Individual view lets you create private tasks only. The group setting allows all users to share a common to-do list. The Master view allows you to create a common list with an individual completion of items.

Customize various fields of To-do list via the remaining drop-down boxes. It’s better to choose Yes for Show Date Completed, Show Deadline, Show Progress options. So you can easily keep track of the assigned tasks. Save changes before going to the next tab.

Advanced Settings

Do you want to change the date format, priority labels of the lists? Here you can replace default setting with an own choice.

Scroll down to the bottom to manage your Group and Master lists.

Assign To-Do Items to Users: Choose Yes

Show a User Only the To-Do Items Assigned to Them: Yes (visible everyone), No (visible to the specific user only)

Select user roles to show the list and Save changes.

User Permissions

If you are using group and master lists, make sure that you have assigned right permission to the users. Otherwise, they will be able to edit your items. By default subscribers can read, contributors can edit posts, authors can publish posts, Editors can edit any post and Administrators can manage options. When finished, Save Changes.

Creating Categories

Tap Categories from the left menu to organize your items in different categories.

Todo List wordpress

Enter Category Name and set its Visibility to Public. Click Submit to save.

Creating a To-Do List

Tap To-Do List from the left menu. It will show your To-Do Items, Completed Items and option to create new To-Do Item.

Todo List wordpress

Set your priority first, followed by the deadline to complete. Choose a category next. Now you can assign the task to a user. Place your cursor inside the text field to show the users. Choose the desired person and enter your instructions on To-Do box. Hit Submit to save.

Great. You have successfully created a To-Do list on the blog.

Todo List wordpress

The task will be displayed along with the priority level, progress, category, user and deadline. You can edit the list anytime by clicking the Edit button next to it.

On completion of the task, check the preceding box to move it to Completed Items list.