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How to Create and Send a Professional Invoice through Google Docs

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Google Docs invoices

Creating and sending invoices is a part of the freelancing profession. Clients may ask you to send an invoice for the purchase made so they can file it in their records. It’s proof of payment in return to the products or services delivered from your side.

Generating invoices is not a difficult task as you think. You can use online invoice generators or PayPal to create and send invoices to the clients. Learn How to Create and Schedule Invoice in PayPal.

Google Docs is one of the essential blogging tools that we use almost every day. It is a perfect choice for creating contents and collaborating with team members. Write a rich content and share it among others with editing privileges, to accept their modifications and feedback.

Do you know that Google Docs is the best place for creating invoices too?

In this post, we’ll tell you how to generate an invoice through Google Docs.

Google docs invoices

Sign into Google Docs first. Google allows you to create various types of documents like letters, resumes, business proposals, sales quotes, reports, and so on through the online interface. Click the first blank document type to create and send your invoice.

Google Docs is an awesome platform to create professional-quality documents for any purpose. You can write, edit, and format the texts as you like, and modify them using media files. If you are looking for a free alternative to MS Office, Google Docs should be the first choice. The users can further expand its functionalities and find new possibilities using add-ons.

Now we’re going to create invoices through third-party add-ons in Google Docs.

Click the Add-ons menu at the top and choose ‘Get add-ons’ option. A pop-up window will open with all add-ons that you can use in the documents. Type ‘invoice’ in the search box and hit enter.

Google docs invoices

Template Gallery is the add-on we need to install at this moment to create invoices, checklists, calendars, and many other professionally designed documents in Google Docs. Click the blue color ‘Free’ button to install and activate the tool. Grand it necessary privileges to access your Google account.

Click your Add-ons menu again to view Template Gallery options. Choose ‘Browse Templates’. It will show you various kinds of pre-designed templates to create letters, invoices, accounts, payrolls, and so on.

Google docs invoices

Select Invoices that falls under the Business category.

Google docs invoices

Template Gallery helps you to create different types of invoices such as billing, service, purchase order, packing slip, sales invoice, work order, consultant invoice, job estimate etc. Choose an invoice type that you want to use. Click ‘Copy to Google Drive’ option and open the file.

Google docs invoices

Place your cursor on each text box and double-click to modify the default template with your own text. Change your invoice title that will appear at the top, just above the menu controls. Usually, it will be like ‘copy of invoice’ and assign a unique title to it. Your clients will see the same title as the email subject when you shared the invoice with them.

Enter your company name, address, item description, and payment terms in the bill. Add applicable adjustments like tax and discount if any, at the bottom which will reflect on your total invoice amount.

Once you finished editing, click the ‘Share’ button from the top-right corner of the screen. Collect your shareable link (without editing abilities) and send it to your clients by email, social sites, or messages. Email and social media shares are other methods to send your invoice right from the Google Sheets dashboard.

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