How to Create a Private Twitter Account in 2023

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Twitter is the best place to express your opinion and connect with the world. In several circumstances, we found how effectively people used it to organize protests and making public awareness on social issues.

Everyone wants to be famous on social media. We are taking maximum efforts to increase the number of followers and social reach. An account with maximum followers will have a higher influence rate which will help you in building your own identity and online reputation.

On the other hand, there are a few people who will be not interested in expanding their network and social reach. They are satisfied with the current followers that they personally know and want to stay away from strangers. Is it possible to remain private in social networks?

Yes, of course.

Creating a Private Twitter account

Today we’ll tell you how to make your Twitter account private.

1. Hide your tweets

Sign in to your Twitter account first.

Open Settings & visit the Privacy and safety section.

Under Privacy settings, you will find an option to protect your tweets.

private twitter account

Check the option to hide your tweets from the public. A protected tweet can be seen only by your followers.

If anyone tries to view a protected account, they will get this kind of message.

twitter private account

2. Approve or reject new followers

Since your tweets are private, you will be notified is someone tries to follow you. You can either approve or reject their request.

Once you approved, new followers will be able to see your protected tweets. But they can’t use the Retweet button on them to retweet or quote tweet your tweets as they are private.

3. Not searchable

Protected tweets will not appear in third-party search engines like Google and only be searchable on Twitter by the account holder and his or her followers.

The replies you sent to the followers are visible to them as normal. But you can’t send a reply to an account that’s not following you as they are outside of your private network.

4. Exceptions

Do remember these two things when you are making an account private.

  • If you have authorized a third-party application to manage your account, it may be able to see your protected tweets.
  • When you share a link in a protected tweet, it will be automatically converted to a link which is viewable by anyone.

5. Location

Go through other privacy settings to manage the remaining parts as well. If you don’t want to add a location to tweets, uncheck ‘Tweet with a location’ option.

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6. Limit photo tagging

People can tag you in their photos. Limit photo tagging to the people only you follow for better online privacy. Choose the last option ‘ Do not allow anyone to tag you in photos’ to disable photo tagging completely.

7. Manage your communications

Twitter users can search for you with your email address and phone number. If you want to disable the feature, uncheck both the options in the Discoverability part.

Scroll down again to manage Direct Messages settings. Twitter allows you to receive messages from anyone even though you don’t follow them. Uncheck the option to stop receiving such unknown messages. Still, people you follow can interact with you through direct messages and tweets.

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