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How to Create Your Own Chatbot for Facebook Business Page

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facebook chatbot

Chatbots are common in social media, banking, and other business websites. They will respond to user inquiries with predefined messages, engage and improve their satisfaction level.

Do you want to create such chatbots for your Facebook page?

It’s an easy job. Facebook lets you create own chatbots in seconds and depute them to talk with your page fans. Here’s what to do to activate the feature.

Sign into your Facebook account first. Open your page and go to the settings.

Choose Messaging from the left pane and locate Response Assistant settings. Turn on Send Instant Replies to anyone who messages your Page option. Now it will show default message that will be sent to everyone as instant replies. Hit the Change button to configure your message.

You can also enable other related features like away messages and messenger greetings. Change the predefined messages if needed.

That’s it.