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How to Convert PDF to Word on iOS and Android

PDF to Word Converter

We usually upload and send computer files in PDF format. It has a clean look, design which is difficult to manipulate too. When compared to other file types, that is the main advantage of a PDF file.

Sometimes you may need to edit a document to replace or update the contents. It’s an easy job as long as you are having the source file. Open it, make necessary corrections and again save with a pdf extension. That’s it.

But are you able to perform the same job from a mobile device with a pdf file?

Yes, you can. PDF to Word Converter is a simple app to quickly convert PDFs from anywhere on your iOS and Android device. It is easy to use and lets you convert PDFs from the local storage, Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, Gmail, OneDrive, iCloud into an editable type.

The app doesn’t impose any restrictions on the file size and the number of convertible files. So you can use it for unlimited times. Once the conversion is finished, you will get high-quality output that exactly looks like the original.

iOS | Android

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