Top 10 Best Competitor Analysis Tools You Should Know

competitor analysis tools

There will be rivals for every business. Sometimes they will outrank you with effective marketing strategies, SEO, and implementation of profitable keywords in their contents. Monitor your competitors to analyze their traffic sources, keywords, and other facts that help them to grow the sales.

Competitor analysis is a major step towards dominating your industry. It provides the most comprehensive reports about your competitors in terms of their organic as well as paid traffic, SEO, PPC campaigns, link building methods, search engine rankings, and everything else you want to know to defeat your enemies and win in the competition. Know how they bring traffic to the contents, whatever keywords help them to grow the audience, and find the top industry influencers who can refer more customers to your website. Spy on your competitors to know all these things and improve your market position.

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Top 10 Best Competitor Analysis Tools

In this article, we pick the 10 best competitor analysis tools you can use to track and analyze the competitors.

1. Semrush

competitor analysis tools

Semrush is a great competitor analysis tool that can provide in-depth reports about keywords, traffic sources, and social media marketing strategies of your competitors. Analyze the results, know why they stay ahead in the competition, perform an SEO audit on your website to detect and rectify the mistakes you committed. Semrush is a close friend of businesses, bloggers, and digital marketers to track competitors and increase traffic or sales.

Features of Semrush:

  • Keyword research, management, and tracking
  • Backlinks audit and analysis
  • Competition analysis
  • Social media marketing strategy analysis
  • Discover the most popular contents and trending topics
  • Find the best promotional channels
  • Find new opportunities and track brand mentions
  • Analyze ads strategies of your competitors and compare them with yours
  • Get ideas to improve your organic traffic

2. Spyfu

competitor analysis tools

Spyfu is another competitor analysis tool to monitor your competitors and enhance your online presence. You can track your own paid and SEO rankings in leading search engines, and compare them with others to make changes in the strategies. It will spy on your competitors, find their organic rank, keywords they are using for the last 12 years, and suggest the most profitable keywords for you. Spyfu finds the right influencers and websites in your niche whose links will help you to rank on a particular keyword.

Features of Spyfu:

  • Keyword research, analysis with complete ranking history
  • Monitor competitor backlinks by keywords
  • Quality backlinks suggestion for specific keywords
  • Highest CPC and search volume keywords
  • Monitor PPC competitors with rank tracking, campaign history, and the keywords that you are not using

3. Ahrefs

competitor analysis tools

Ahrefs is a widely acclaimed competitor analysis tool to research and dominate your search engine rankings. It is easy to use and lets you know the top ranking keywords of your competitors and the number of visits they bring. Find the trending topics and how much organic traffic you will get on each of them. Ahrefs can monitor the backlinks of your competitors and uncover new backlink building opportunities to improve your organic traffic.

Features of Ahrefs:

  • Keyword research with search volume, CPC, and traffic
  • Analyze backlinks and group them into new, lost, and broken types
  • Track organic keywords of your competitors and know which keywords bring traffic from search
  • Find the most popular and shared contents of competitors
  • Detect the top traffic channels of any website and how much traffic they get in a month
  • Broken link checker
  • Paid search campaign analysis
  • Find the best pages of your competitors by links, links growth, and traffic

4. Jumpshot

competitor analysis tools

Jumpshot is a competitor research tool mainly designed for e-commerce brands and websites. It will spy both on your competitors and customers, to know them better and uncover new opportunities for growth. You can monitor the search terms that divert consumers to the website and optimize your product keywords to boost sales.

Features of Jumbshot:

  • Competitive analysis and research to optimize your campaigns
  • Detect the popular keywords and traffic sources of any website
  • Powerful analytics of audience behavior and know whatever facts influence their shopping decision
  • Insights to target the right audience and optimize campaigns to find new opportunities

5. BuzzSumo

competitor analysis tools

BuzzSumo is an awesome competitor analysis tool to uncover the secrets of other businesses and beat them in the competition. It is used by several brands and companies, to spy on their competitors and increase web traffic. Monitor your competitor’s content building, promotional strategies and compare them with yours to optimize the performance. BuzzSumo lets you find the most popular content for a keyword, author, or domain to get new content ideas and heighten the rankings.

Features of BuzzSumo:

  • Find the most shared contents on all social networks for the last one year
  • Find the powerful influencers in any topic to grow your page visits
  • Get alerts when a post published with the keyword you mentioned
  • Filter most shared posts by content types, guest posts, infographics, videos, etc
  • Explore the social backlinks of any domain
  • Discover the main traffic sources of your competitors

6. SimilarWeb

competitor analysis tools

SimilarWeb is an intelligent solution to analyze the latest search trends and the traffic they can convert. Monitor the behavior of your audience, follow your competitors’ strategies to uncover new investment and growth opportunities. It will track the traffic and sales statistics of any website or app, to evaluate the companies and identify your potential promotional channels.

Features of SimilarWeb:

  • Monitor the marketing strategies of your competitors
  • Detect new content building and SEO strategies for your business
  • Guide you on optimizing marketing campaigns and paid searches
  • Deliver insights that you need to take the right strategic decision

7. Majestic

competitor analysis tools

Majestic is a superlative competitor analysis tool to audit any online business and pick up the best promotional strategy to grow your sales. Enter a web address to determine the search score and number of backlinks it has. You can compare up to 5 domains simultaneously to analyze the growth of their backlink building strategies and measure success.

Features of Majestic:

  • Track SEO and social media promotional strategies of your competitors
  • Explore the details of a domain or URL in detail
  • Backlink history of the last 5 years to give you accurate information about a website
  • Keyword research with search volume and page visits you may get

8. Serpstat

competitor analysis tools

Serpstat is a perfect competitor analysis tool to hack the growth secrets of other businesses and upgrade your performance. It is an all in one tool to track your keyword position, research keywords, monitor backlinks, and produce robust reports about your competitors. Know how much traffic a website receives, whatever keywords it use in SEO and PPC campaigns, the Most popular keywords of your competitor, keyword rank position, and so on.

Features of Serpstat:

  • Collect keywords for SEO and PPC campaigns
  • Compare keywords and determine their value in terms of search volume, cost per click, competition level, number of search results, etc
  • Find long-tail keywords that can boost your traffic
  • Compare your website with that of competitors to cross-check online visibility, traffic drops, keyword rankings, and the keywords you missed in campaigns
  • Unveil the advertising strategies, keywords, advertisements of your competitors.
  • Detect new content creation opportunities, related keywords, and analyze the potential traffic on every webpage on your site.

9. Rank Signals

competitor analysis tool

It is a free competitor analysis tool to monitor the backlinks of a website. Keep an eye on the backlinks you have, and quickly identify your deleted and broken links with Ranking Signals. It will give you comprehensive information about your competitors’ backlinks such as referring pages, anchor text, URL, the number of internal and external links a referring domain has, link type, etc. So you can easily find new link building opportunities for your website and promote the business.

Features of Rank Signals:

  • Free, easy to use
  • Find the best and bad links to a website
  • Check traffic ranking and social media sharing metrics
  • Discover new link building opportunities or change your strategies to earn more backlinks

10. Searchmetrics

Competitor Analysis Tools

Searchmetrics is another best competitor analysis tool to reveal opportunities and tune your SEO methods for performing better in the search results. It provides matchless insights on SEO and content marketing to create a profitable marketing plan for your business. Target the right audience with the right keywords and prepare high-performing content to earn more page visits.

Features of Searchmetrics:

  • Discover trending topics for content building
  • Optimize your web pages and digital marketing efforts to boost efficiency and increase profit margins
  • Analyze your potential customers who are most likely to buy the products and target them with smart marketing decisions
  • Monitor your mobile rankings and traffic to optimize mobile SEO strategies
  • Track your social signals across leading social networks and divert more traffic from them
  • Reveal both local and global SEO trends to elevate your rankings
  • Analyze the quality of backlinks to improve your off-page performance
  • Assess your keywords and pages to build more competitive topics.

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