How to Collect Credit Card Payments in WordPress

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How to Collect Credit Card Payments in WordPress

Starting business websites on WordPress is very common. It is a great choice to launch any kind of business and collect payments by selling products, offering expert services, subscriptions, etc.

Many professionals use WordPress as a platform to sell their creative works and make money. They can connect with the clients easily and showcase products using professionally designed themes and plugins. Sell products to the enthusiasts and collect money from them through credit cards, PayPal, Stripe and other payment modes.

Wants to know how to accept payments on your WordPress website?

Unlike other web platforms, you can integrate a payment system in WordPress in simple steps. Follow our guide to turn your site to a money-making machine and collect even recurring payments from your repeat customers.

Why WPForms?


WPForms is our favorite form builder plugin for WordPress. Do you know why we prefer it to other similar plugins in the category and recommend it in every blog post?

It is super simple to set up and best for creating all types of forms including contact forms, order forms, donation forms, user registration forms, and so on. With drag and drop feature, you can add fields easily and customize them to any extent to meet your expectations. It has several advantages over others that will help you to collect user-data efficiently and promote business.


Collecting Payments in WordPress (Step-by-Step)

Creating forms and accepting payments with WPForms is not a hard task. The process is so simple and everyone with a basic knowledge of WordPress can handle the part in 1-2-3 steps.

Step 1: Install WPForms

Install WPForms on your website first. The company offers a 50% discount on the product as a limited time deal. So this is the best time to buy WPForms at attractive rates. WPForms pricing

Use our exclusive link to activate the deal and save money.

Step 2: Create a WordPress form

WPForms templates

Open WPForms menu from the left pane of your website’s dashboard and click on ‘Add New’ to create a new form. It will load some built-in templates to lets you create forms easily. Choose a template from them or go for the Blank Form option to create and design a form as you like.

WPForms settings

Add required fields to your form and manage other parts like Settings and Marketing as well.

WPForms allows you to integrate PayPal and Stripe on forms to collect money. Stripe is best for accepting recurring payments also. For that, you should add two more payment fields to the form like Single item, Multiple items, etc and Stripe credit card. Total is another important field that will inform customers about the amount they need to settle the final bill.

Step 3: Configure payment settings

payment wordpress

Once you finished everything else, visit Payments tab of the form.

Click on Stripe and install and activate the add-on. Connect your Stripe account to configure your payment settings.

Open your form in edit mode again, go to Payments > Stripe to turn on your Stripe payment gateway for the customers.

Enable Stripe payments and enter a description for it. Choose Email from the drop-down box to set it as a receipt for the payment collected.

If you are going to add a one-time payment form, these settings would be enough. Save settings, click on Embed to copy and paste your form’s embed code on the site.

For configuring recurring payments, scroll down again through the settings. ‘Enable recurring subscription payments’ option that you will see under Subscriptions head.

enable recurring payments WPForms

Enter a plan name for Stripe transactions. Next, set a period for recurring payments. Now you’ll reach the most important part of the payment settings.

Select ‘Enable conditional logic’ box to activate recurring payment feature on the form. Ask WPForms to ‘Process’ payment as recurring if ‘Dropdown’ is ‘Monthly’.

Save changes.

That’s all.

Now your website is ready to accept recurring payments using WPForms. Insert your form in WordPress to sell products, offer subscription plans, collect donations, etc and boost business.


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