10 Terrific Google Chrome Extensions for Social Media Marketing

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We are familiar with the term social media marketing. It helps us to share products and contents with a large number of audience at once, who are spreading across the different parts of the world. This modern marketing method is much effective than our traditional customer canvasing. We can work in a comfortable environment and own time to earn even unexpected outcomes.

Apps play a major role in online tasks. They make our work simple and easier. As an experienced marketer, you are familiar with these amazing social media tools to manage your various content promotion activities. They ensure the success of your marketing techniques and let you go ahead to reach the top.

Sometimes, it may not be possible to open each of the apps and manage promotions. If you are using multiple tools, they want us to remember the individual settings. It is a time-consuming process as well.

As our popular browser, Google Chrome brings us the solution in the form of extensions. They allow us to manage respective apps right from the contents screen. So you need not bookmark each of the sites to start using.

Best Google Chrome Extensions for Social Media Marketing

We pick 10 best Google Chrome extensions for social media marketers in this post. Feel free to share your feedback and suggestions through the comments section.

1. Buffer

Buffer is a popular app to share contents on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and many other networks. Open your content and tap Buffer button from the top of your browser to update your queue. From there it will be posted at the right time to get maximum exposure. This time can be configured by Buffer settings.

2. KUKU.io

KUKU is an excellent tool to post on social networks at scheduled time and date. It allows you to post on Facebook profile, pages, groups, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Tumblr. Open your content, select accounts, set time, enter hashtags and wait for the time to arrive.

3. Toolkit For Facebook

Do you want to unlike all Facebook pages, unfollow all groups, unfriend all your friends at once? This is an all-in-one tool for those and many more tasks on Facebook. It reduces your workload with a mass invite, unfollow, remove tools and the ability post on multiple destinations with a single click.

4. Hootsuite Hootlet

Quickly share a web page, image and video on your favorite social network. Find geographically relevant content, highlight text and easily share them from the browser window.

5. Bitly

Shorten and any long URL with Bitly service. You can directly save any web link to the Bitly account and organize them using tags to easily identify at a later time.

6. Silver Bird

Silver Bird is an awesome Twitter client to get real-time updates, trending topics and search for specific tweets. Create custom search queries to find tweets that will update automatically. Compose, retweet, reply, shorten URL and see all your tweets in a timeline format.

7. Klout

Klout is a favorite tool for social media marketers. Using this extension, you share content from anywhere on the web and see the Klout score that indicates your influence rate.

8. Social Blade

We love videos. It will be crazy to know how much popular a video is and how much a YouTube channel earns per month. Social Blade will give you deep insights regarding a video like daily average views, subscriptions, video view rank and the exact number of views in each day.

9. Evercontact

Easily collect contact details company CEOs, influencers, freelancers, agencies and more. It lets you save details on Gmail contact list, Evernote and computer.

10. HubSpot Sales

It is a fantastic tool for your marketing team. Prepare, schedule emails to send them at exactly the right time and know who opened it, at what time. You can share documents and even calendar to fix appointments. HupSpot is useful to manage your sales force efficiently and with a personal touch.

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