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40 Brilliant Google Chrome Extensions to Supercharge Your Productivity

productivity tools

We have goals in both personal and work life. Do you have any plans to reach them smoothly and within less time?

A proper planning is needed to fulfill our tasks in an organized manner. Thanks to technology, for providing countless tools to enhance our productivity. You will get tools for almost any purpose in the present world. Our favorite browser, Google Chrome is equipped with brilliant extensions to boost user efficiency in various sectors. We use the internet most of the times, so why say no the productivity tools, it provides?

We made a hunt for top class Google Chrome extensions and finally prepared a massive list of 40. They let you plan, start, manage, inspire and complete the job in an initiative manner. With using them, you can deliver outputs and beyond.

1. Momentum – Personalize your new tab page with to-do list, weather, daily inspirational images and thoughts

2. Evernote Web Clipper – Clip anything you see on the web to Evernote

3. Google Translate –   No need of explanation

4. AdBlock – Block ads in any site

5. Save to Google Drive – Save web pages, browser screenshots to GoogleDrive by right click

6. Tampermonkey – Awesome!

7. Todoist  – Create, view, organize your to-do list and share with others

8. Checker Plus for Gmail – Get mail notifications, read, listen or even delete them without opening

9. Kami – Best markup and annotation tool for PDF, document and image files

10. Office Online – Microsoft Office apps online

11. Magic Actions for YouTube – Enhance your YouTube viewing experience and watch videos like a pro!

12. Click&Clean – Clean history with one click

13. TunnelBear VPN – Watch blocked websites and prevent online tracking

14. Screencastify – Perfect video recorder for Chrome users

15. Lumio – Clip anything like web texts, images, videos, PDF documents and share with your entire team

16. Office Editing for Docs, Sheets & Slides – Office editor

17. DocuSign – Authenticate any web document using electronic sign

18. AdRemover for Google Chrome – Remove ads from any site

19. UltraSurf Security – Secure yourself from the prying eyes

20. MightyText – Send and receive text messages on PC using your Android device

21. Any.do – Add and manage Any.do list

22. Note Board – Save pages with screenshots and notes to read later

23. Video Downloader professional – Add web videos to your playlist and watch them anytime without going to the original website or downloading

24. Session Buddy – Save open tabs in different categories and restore them easily at a later time

25. Sticky Notes – Easily create quick notes from web pages

26. Save to Pocket – Save content to Pocket

27. OneNote Web Clipper – Clip anything to OneNote, manage and edit them

28. LastPass – Forget about the passwords

29. Search by Image – Search similar images on Google by right click

30. Google Mail Checker – Get new mail notifications and unread count

31. Awesome Screenshot – Take screenshot of a page or image

32. Home – New Tab Page – Lovely new tab page with important mail as well as Facebook notifications, quick notes, weather and recently closed tabs

33. Tab Snooze – Close unwanted tabs and make them reappear at scheduled time

34. Add to Wunderlist – Save to Wunderlist

35. Hunter – Find email address on a certain profile or all of them on a website

36. Grammarly – Rectify spelling and grammar mistakes on your texts

37. Google Dictionary – Excellent online dictionary

38. Pushbullet – Send, receive SMS and web messages on Android

39. Print Friendly & PDF – Convert any web page into print-friendly or PDF format

40. Mercury Reader – Turn any article into a clean, optimized format to deliver ultimate reading experience

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