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How to Change Fonts in WordPress Posts and Pages

change fonts wordpress

A simple font is a necessity to convert your website into profitable one. If contents are easily readable, people may spend more time with your blog posts and will get the traffic. Otherwise, they will leave soon.

Most of the themes come with widely acclaimed fonts which are using by millions of news and other similar websites around the globe. Typography won’t be a headache for you in such a situation.

The fonts are changeable from the theme settings. Before applying, make sure that your new font is compatible across the browsers and devices. Check top level news websites and your niche blogs to know what kind of fonts they are using. WhatFont is a simple, open source Google Chrome extension for doing the job. It will tell you about text fonts in any website.

Font collection may be limited or unavailable in some cases especially for the free theme users. So either they have to upload fonts to the server or go for the plugin solutions.

Now we are going to cover the plugins part. The following plugins allow you to manage fonts in various sections of a WordPress site.

1. TinyMCE Advanced

change fonts wordpress

TinyMCE is a fantastic plugin to add font type, font size options in WordPress editor. It is packed with a group of useful tools for providing ultimate writing experience. Underline, Color, Table, Paragraph indent, Superscript, Subscript, Find and replace, emoticons are some of the features provided by TinyMCE.

After installing, the plugin will add a new submenu under Settings in the left sidebar. TinyMCE Advanced. Click on it.

Now it will open settings with Enable button as the first option. Check the box before going ahead.

A model post editor will be shown next. Choose whatever services you want on the writing panel by dragging desired buttons from bottom to the top editor.

Select Font family and Font size buttons for managing texts. Drag and place them on the top screen menu.

TinyMCE will add 8pt, 10pt, 12pt, 14pt, 18pt, 24pt and 36pt font sizes as default. If you want to replace them with slightly different sizes, check Font sizes box under Options.

change fonts wordpress

When finished, tap Save Changes button from the bottom right side. Go to your post editor and it should show typography buttons there.

TinyMCE is an excellent tool for content wise font customizations. But it’s not suitable for managing texts at the website level. It does not allow you to set heading fonts. For the single posts, you have to remember the choice once made and duly implement them each time. We all know that it’s not practical.

2. Easy Google Fonts

change fonts wordpress

Add custom, beautiful fonts to any WordPress site within seconds. Easy Google Fonts is a good plugin, that lets you control fonts like a pro. It is simple and easy to use.

After installing, go to theme customizer to change fonts in various parts of the website. Tap Typography, then Default Typography.

change fonts wordpress

Change heading and paragraph fonts with live preview support. In each of the sections, you will get additional options to decorate texts further. It includes font weight, color, size, spacing, margin, border etc. If you are satisfied with font preview, click Save & Publish to finish.

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