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How to Change Your Default Post Category in WordPress

category WordPress

We should assign a category to blog posts. So readers can easily filter them out and read specific contents in which they are interested.

A website may have different types of contents like this blog. We have contents on social media, technology, and blogging. If you are interested in just social media and not others, can directly jump to the said category for reading contents in it.

Sometimes we forget to assign categories. In such a situation, WordPress will automatically add them to default category on your blog. Every WordPress site is preloaded with Uncategorized as the default category. To change it to something else, sign in to WordPress and visit Settings > Writing.

category WordPress

Click on the drop-down box next to Default Post Category. It will show available categories and subcategories on the blog. Choose anyone and Save changes. All your future posts will fall into the chosen category if you fail to opt one.

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