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An App Developer’s Best Friend – Buy Android App Reviews Online

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An app developer’s job no longer ends at merely creating the app. In fact, it is considered only a prerequisite by today’s standards. Fortunately or unfortunately, a lot more work has to go into making an app hit the top of the charts.

It is unfortunate because you need to put in a lot more work. On the plus side, it weeds out the developers who really want to reach the top from those who pretend to want the same.

Romanticizing the process of making a successful app and disregarding any sense of realism can only make for a nasty wake up call for the app developer.

With all this in mind, it is essential to know what factors need to be considered to get your app off the ground. It is vital to understand what the customers look for, before giving an app the time of day.

What goes into making a successful app?

There are a bunch of factors that determine which apps get attention. Some of these are obvious, whereas others are bound to go under the radar for most app developers. Here are some of them:

Create a killer app

This should go without saying, but building a great app doesn’t seem to be evident to everyone. Never underestimate the value of a great app that is easy to use.

In this age of reduced time-spans and general impatience, users pass judgment on app based on how straightforward the app is, how efficient it is, how smooth its operation is, and if it gets the job done in a minimal amount of time.

The unfortunate reality is that a sizeable chunk of the apps on the market end up crashing due to a lack of maintenance and bug testing.

Creating a poor first impression in a cutthroat environment like this can only sink your chances of getting anywhere close to the top 10 apps on the chart.

Be strategic with your in-app interactions

Any app developer who chooses to put himself in his customers’ shoes will realize that asking the customer for feedback or a review every two minutes or immediately after the app crashes is a foolish idea.


Even if it is a minor glitch that caused the crash, the customer’s lack of patience can only do your app review harm. People hate having to deal with too many questions, just as they hate having to sit through ads on YouTube.

An effective way to about this is by asking for a review or rating after a transaction, order, or any other milestone that is particular to your app.

Buy Android app reviews online

Buying Android app reviews online is one of the most effective ways of boosting your app reviews. While the competition to draw the attention of the customers has gone up, so has the number of ways to combat this problem.

There are companies online that allow you to buy Android app reviews online. An example of such a company is appreviews.ninja.


The reviews and ratings are 100% organic and provided by real users. Choose a plan that suits your requirements, go ahead, and buy Android app reviews online.

For high visibility in this market, an app needs to have tons of installs, great reviews, and sky-high ratings. Buying app reviews for Android is a highly effective way to get the attention you want for your app.

appreviews.ninja promises to deliver results in a matter of days. Make sure you check their website for details.

On the off chance that you’d much rather have control over the quality of every individual review, you can send them content to be used for the reviews.

Have a catchy name for your app

Coming up with a cool, catchy name for your app can do you wonders. Given that apps are usually discovered through searches, it is up to you as the app developer, to make it easy for your customers to find your app.


Regardless of the character limit, you could certainly do well with a short name that conveys the intentions and functions of the app. After all, people would want to know what the app does before they consider checking it out. Ideally, you should have a name that is short, memorable, and that tells the customer what your app is all about.

Use the correct keywords to increase visibility

Here’s another thing that goes unnoticed. While it is true that apps are likely to get buried in the mix, even low market penetration apps can redeem themselves via app store optimization.


An app developer can effectively make his app visible by finding and using the right keywords in the app title and description. As an app developer, you must understand that the likelihood of getting your customers to download and review your app is predicated on how clear and engaging your app title and description is.

Regular app updates

The best apps on the market are at the top of the charts for a reason. Aside from the aforementioned factors, app developers make sure that they periodically reinvent their apps to keep up with the volatility of the market.

app update

Their app updates take numerous things into account. Some of them are – change in technology, user feedback, possible app bugs, and crashes, and the addition of new features to give them the edge over most apps on the market.


Getting your app to the top of the charts has never been easier and more straightforward. These are some of the most effective ways of making that happen