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What Are The Business Benefits Involved Around Using Instagram

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As visual content is gaining quite some popularity on social media, it becomes way too important for the brands to create and even leverage on the same. This current shift to the field of visual social media means chances are high of gaining more businesses, whether big or small.  It is a great way to start communicating visually with followers, fans, and customers. One major platform, which will enable you to leverage the power of this current video shift, has to be Instagram or IG in short.

With millions of users, IG is becoming one of the most used and best photo sharing platforms, which will help you to share photos and some short videos with followers. There are more than 55 million photos as shared on IG on a daily basis. It is another great reason for why your business has to utilize this current source.

Some of the major benefits:

There are so many perks associated with Instagram, which can gladly generate some business for your profitable growth. If you want to know more about the benefits, then you have come to the right place. You can even catch up with the right team from Insta4likes.com to gain some idea in this regard and you won’t be disappointed at any cost for sure. But you have to be sure of one thing and that is to follow the branding norms as mentioned and don’t try anything else.

1. Increased form of engagement

Depending on the current post quality, branded updates on Twitter and FB are overlooked by users sometimes. Well, this form of service is not quite true for the IG users. With the help of an active IG account and with some interesting and useful content to it, you have the right to earn some crazy levels of engagement and help straight from your audience.

Some of the latest studies from Forrester found that IG account will generate around 58 times more engagement per follower when compared to FB, and it will be 120 times more than what you can get in Twitter. The visual content of some of the big brands like Starbucks will have huge engagement on IG. To learn more about that, check out the official page and be aware of some more details like the number of followers, likes and more.

2. Building some trust and personality

As branded content is becoming more popular these days for generating engagement, one major benefit of IG is that it can be a perfect spot for you to build trust. People always buy from people and IG will be the one to help you create that emotional form of connection with the said audience. The best thing about this service is that it can allow you to share some of the daily experiences of business in a casual and informal way. It helps in providing you with that personal feel to current business right now.

If you want, you can mark your way for the behind the scene videos and photos, which have good ranks on IG, mainly for specified service providers. These photos will make your brand or firm look more attractive than usual and also trustworthy. That helps in adding that positive effect on bottom line.

3. Increase in the field of traffic

Even though you don’t have the right to add any clickable link to every IG update that you have published so far, but Instagram can often be proven as a powerful traffic source. On the other hand, with higher engagement levels than on Twitter and Facebook, maintaining and creating a stronger profile can often be stated as hugely beneficial for visibility of the site. You can always keep this benefit in mind while working on IG for your help over here.

4. Gaining your required level of competitive advantage

You will be shocked to know that the level of competition on IG is still not that harsh like that on Twitter and FB. In an American Express Survey, it has been clearly portrayed that around 2% of businesses of smaller dimension are currently working with IG, which easily give them a great advantage over their competitors these days. On the other hand, those businesses, which have already added IG into marketing strategy, will be the one to each target audience easier when compared to Twitter or FB. In these two other options, the competition is way bigger and broader at the same time.

5. Reaching your target market

If you are currently targeting those people born from 1980 to 1990s, then IG is where your place needs to be with over 37% of people within this age group. They are super active in this field of IG these days. So, if your business is such that you need to connect with crowd below the age belt of 30 years, then IG account is definitely what you should be creating right off as your first step towards success. After mentioning that, it is also important to know that IG will not just work for youth-focused brands but can also work on other brands like Ford or even general electric for higher level of engagement power on IG profiles.

6. Get hold of free advertising

This is one of the major benefits for people to head towards IG and creates an account in this field. The main thing about IG happens to be involving around free advertising notion. Yes, you read it right even if it feels to be a bit dreamy to believe at first. You have the right to show your services and products in action, which in turn, help in generating some huge exposure. This platform is perfect to help you show off more of what you already have and can offer your potential customers.

Once you are sure of the business benefits involved in this sector, there is no looking back for a secondary help. You will be pumped up to get quality services from this source namely Instagram, and help in the growth of your business anytime soon.

What Are The Business Benefits Involved Around Using Instagram 1Harris Scott is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional at Gramista with thousands of real Instagram followers for his postings.