Blogging For A Good Cause- How to Use Your Blog to Support a Charity?

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81% of people believe that companies should be encouraged to participate in socially responsible activities that both help the economy, but also have a positive impact on society. The good news is that there are many ways to support good causes, particularly in the digital age. One of the best and easiest ways a company can support a charitable cause is through their blog. 

How will blogging help?

Your blog is one of your main communication channels to your customers, and you may be using it solely to talk about topics associated with your brand or products. Why would your customers be interested in what charitable causes you support?

In an age of brand cynicism, demonstrating to your customers that you have charitable interests has a number of positive effects. Firstly, it shows anyone reading your blog that your company and leadership team have a philanthropic side, and that will only reflect positively on your brand. CEOs such as Bill Gates and Erik Gordon demonstrate that business and a philanthropic attitude to the world can go hand in hand.

Showing what you truly care about, also gives customers and readers an insight into your values – and this may instill more loyalty in the long run. It’s also likely to expose your blog to a larger audience, as you may collaborate with your charity of choice, or media. However, the most important impact your blog can have is by being a medium for change. Blogs are commonly regarded as being the third most trustworthy source of information after family and friends – such a high level of credibility means they are a fantastic way to increase awareness, raise funds and educate your customers about specific issues.

Tactics to support a charity on your blog

Clearly then, your blog is a powerful tool to help a cause close to your heart. But practically speaking, how do you use your blog to support a charity? Let’s look at some of the most effective ways to do that:

Donate, donate, donate

If there’s a specific cause you would like to support, then a very simple and effective way to support that charity is to donate a percentage of your blogging income. It doesn’t matter whether you can only offer a small percentage, or whether you would like all of your funds to go to charity – regular donations are the lifeblood of most charitable causes, so anything you can offer will be gratefully received.

Alternatively, you could encourage readers of your blog also to make a donation. You can do this in a number of ways. You could place a donate button on your navigation or sidebar, and link it to a page outlining what the charity does, why they need funds, and how your reader’s donations can help. Many charities have ‘toolkits’ of digital content that they provide to supporters for this very purpose. They will be all too willing to help if you have something specific you’d like to feature.

Showcase your cause

Equally effective is showcasing and writing about your chosen charity on your blog. This works well for keeping your readers up to date with any campaigns or events the charity may be planning. This is a particularly nice way to show your commitment to a cause – it can help show why you’re supporting the charity, activities you’ve been involved in, and will succeed in bringing the charity’s work to life.

Fundraising for your charity

If you’re supporting your charity through fundraising activities, then your blog is the perfect place to talk about it. You can use your blog to give your readers regular updates on fundraising, link to a fundraising page, or use one of the widgets or banners that many online fundraising platforms now provide. If you’re feeling a little more ambitious and are organizing your own event, then your blog is a great asset as a marketing tool for the event. If you specialize in baking, then holding a cake sale and talking about it on your blog is a very natural step.

These are just some of the ways in which your blog can help support a good cause. Don’t forget to try speaking directly to your favorite charity as that will also reveal what they really need (donations, campaign awareness), and will help to direct your valuable efforts.

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