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51+ Best WordPress Tips and Tutorials in 2018

best wordpress tips

WordPress was launched fifteen years back. Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little, the persons behind today’s most popular content management system, released WordPress on May 27th, 2003. It was the beginning of a new revolution.

The popularity of WordPress skyrocketed within a short period. People exited from their current web platforms and started using WordPress. As you know, it is free, open-source and easy to use. These are the main reasons why web publishers and developers stick to WordPress.

At this moment, WordPress dominates the web publishing industry with powering a quarter of total websites. It is simple and can handle even by the beginners without any coding knowledge. Thousands of WordPress themes and plugins will make your blogging further easier.

You can unlock the unlimited possibilities that WordPress deliver using the proper adaptation of tutorials and plugins. In this post, we made a roundup of over 51 best WordPress tips and tutorials of 2018. They are divided into three parts- General, backend related and optimization tips.


★ How to Create an Image Gallery in WordPress without Using Any Plugin
★ 9 Reasons – Why Should You Go for WordPress Premium Themes
★ How to Show Author Bio in WordPress without Using Any Plugin
★ How to Add Image Icons to Navigation Menu in WordPress
★ How to Exclude Certain Category Posts from WordPress Home Page
★ How to Enable Anonymous or Guest Comments in WordPress
★ How to Create Beautiful Buttons in WordPress Posts and Pages
★ How to Create an Image Gallery with Tags in WordPress
★ How to Change Fonts in WordPress Posts and Pages
★ How to Upload Custom Fonts to WordPress
★ How to Make WordPress Menu Links Open in a New Tab
★ How to Create and Manage Audio Playlists in WordPress
How to Create Audio and Video Widgets in WordPress
★ How to Use Custom User Avatars in WordPress
★ How to Show or Hide Menu Items on Certain Conditions in WordPress
★ How to Disable Comments in WordPress Posts and Pages
★ How to Automatically Watermark Your Images in WordPress
★ How to Easily Create a Contact Form in WordPress
★ How to Use Custom (Letter) User Avatars in WordPress
★ How to Add Live Stream Widget in WordPress -Local, Network and Social Streams
How to Hide Author Name in WordPress Posts and Custom Page Types
★ How to Add WhatsApp and Messenger Share Buttons in WordPress Posts
★ How to Publish Posts by Email in WordPress
★ How to Show Featured Posts in WordPress without Using Any Plugin
★ How to Hide Sidebar Widgets in Specific Pages of WordPress
★ How to Create a Table in WordPress without Using Any Plugin
★ How to Create a Custom Sidebar and Footer in WordPress



★ 25 Essential Tasks to do After Installing WordPress
★ How to Rename or Remove the Uncategorized Category in WordPress
★ How to Create a Password Protected Download or Page in WordPress
★ How to Convert Tags to Categories or Categories to Tags in WordPress
★ How to Add Find and Replace, Font Size Buttons in WordPress Visual Editor
★ How to Export Posts of a Particular Author in WordPress
★ How to Change Your Default Post Category in WordPress
★ How to Create and Manage User Profiles in WordPress
How to Enable or Disable Automatic Updates in WordPress
★ How to Quickly Change Text Color in WordPress Posts
How to Quickly Create a Home Page Link in WordPress Menu
★ 12 Amazing Tips to Manage Your WordPress Posts from Backend
★ How to Create & Manage a To-do List in WordPress
★ How to Add and Manage Users in WordPress
★ How to Set a Custom Home Page in WordPress


Traffic and Optimization

★ How to Recycle Your Old Blog Posts – 14 Ways for Regenerating the Traffic
★ How to Disable or Limit Post Revisions in WordPress to Speed Up the Site
★ How to Hide or Remove Date From Google Search Results for Your Blog Posts
How to Give Different Titles for Same Blog Post – In Blog, Social Media & Search Engines
★ How to Optimize Your Database in WordPress with One Click
★ How to Create an XML Sitemap in WordPress with or without Plugin
★ How to Optimize WordPress Blog Images with One Click
★ How to Set a Custom Facebook Thumbnail Image for Your Blog Posts
★ How to Speed up Your WordPress Site with One Click
How to Speed Up Your WordPress Website with Google AMP

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