12 Best WooCommerce Plugins for Your Store

10 Best WooCommerce Plugins for Your Store

 Now that businesses are migrating from bricks mortar in lightning speed to e-commerce, it is paramount for you to add essential tools like plugins to your WooCommerce so that you can boost your online store and go with the flow. WordPress Developer has almost any plugin tools that you may deem necessary to enhance your WordPress website, and that’s why many people prefer working with them.

The options that you can find for Woo-Commerce plugins in the market today are over 100, which enables more functionalities and making your website more efficient. Although it was hard to pick a few, we managed to hand-pick at least 10 of the best that your store will love and find them useful as the sale of your store skyrocket.

1. Woo-Commerce Wishlist

woocommerce-wishlists This plugin enables your clients to plan their needs by selecting and keeping them on a Wishlist for a special occasion. Friends can as well create a list and organize for their loved one’s wedding or birthday presents with WooCommerce Wishlist. As a result,  the process attracts a lot of visitors to your store. All you’ll need to do is pay $ 79 for a yearly license. Plus, your store gets the chance to communicate with their clients regarding their wishlist, when they go on sale, which converts instantly.

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2. Monster Insights


Talking of Google analytics, the WordPress Development team built this tool to be the best suited for WooCommerce stores. It means that you can track all the store data, thanks to the enhanced eCommerce tracker. With the help of Monster Insights, you can see all the information needed inside a WordPress site dashboard from Google analytic report and make decisions based on them. It helps your business to increase and grow sales accordingly.

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3. Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics

ECommerce plugin


We know what an important role Google Analytic plays on our WordPress website. Now, for WooCommerce, there is even a better version specifically built for it. It is an enhanced e-commerce Google analytics tool. Your store can monitor everything from the number of your visitors and their behaviors, giving you a chance to amend based on the analysis results.

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4. Dynamic Pricing

WooCommerce plugins

Although some stores would argue that the tool is a bit pricey for $ 129 yearly, it reduces labor and majorly contributes to cost-cutting. It incentivizes sales and offers discounts to those who spend a lot on buying large quantities. It also set offers for items to be sold in a particular category, enticing customers to buy them. Other than setting the discounts and dynamic pricing, you can easily activate/deactivate the rules as required. With over 15000 users, it has the highest sales numbers.

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5. Product Import Export Plugin for WooCommerce

12 Best WooCommerce Plugins for Your Store 4

WooCommerce Product Import Export plugin is a great solution for transferring all WooCommerce products to and from your store using either CSV or XML file. It’s intuitive and powerful interface makes data transfer quick and easy.

The plugin supports all product types and product images. You can even enable scheduled import/export via FTP. With the plugin, you are allowed to transfer products via different types of methods. You can carry out the quick import/export, import/export using filters, and even save the configurations for future import/exports.

The plugin is WPML compatible and allows the bulk update of data. You can also enable batch import/export when there are loads of data to transfer.

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6. Product Add-Ons

Product Add-Ons

It is a type of tool that every store should embrace. Enables customers to add an extra free or paid option to your product by using various fields. They can be in, checkbox, radio buttons, drop-downs, text input field, image-based choices, flat and percentage fees, and many more. If you manage to add to your customers a simple monogramming, or engraving, or customized goods or products, you can easily woo them in a snap of a finger.

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7. Woo-Commerce Multilingual

We couldn’t miss this from our list of favorites. It is so exciting when you understand your product; by reading all its information, functionalities, and benefits in the language of your choice. It is what Woo-Commerce multilingual tool enables you to do. Using it can give you a reasonable conversion rate in your business because of the flexibility it provides to your shoppers. Another function it does is to send emails to admins and clients, using their choice of language. To top it up, it is free.

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8. URL Coupons for WooCommerce

URL Coupons is a new way to offer discounts by automating the process. It allows you to embed a unique coupon URL to your store’s coupons that get applied automatically when a customer clicks on it. It lets you provide your customers with the best experience at your store. 

You can associate products to the coupons so that it gets automatically added to the cart when a user clicks the link. You can also generate QR code coupons that get applied directly to scanning the code.

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9. Live Chat

Alive chat option has become a necessity in our WordPress website. If visitors spend some time trying to figure out some unclear product info, they tend to leave. With live chat widgets, they can always get quick answers, and so, it saves losing sales. Your visitors can enjoy an interactive session with the tool, which becomes more engaging and helpful. Another thing to be appreciated here, the plugin works with Google analytics.

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10. Woo-Commerce Image Zoom

While shopping online, you might find an unclear image of the goods; this tool helps to zoom the products one by one, so you can take a look at a closer view. Best of all, the zoom comes in four different types, so you can choose the size that you are comfortable with using a customizable lens and window size. Which, in essence, clears some doubt from the product features. Nevertheless, it helps you to make a concise decision before purchasing.

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11. Beeketing for Woo-Commerce


Don’t we all love a tool that has all-in-one functions? This tool is built by WordPress Developer to integrate with Woo-Commerce. Adding more to that, it is a free plugin. It manages several tasks, such as automating product sales, for over 32,000 WooCommerce retailers globally. It also includes adding stock indicators, issuing coupons, and optimizing mobile with your store. If you find the tasks offered insufficient for your store, you can buy extensions available to boost more functionalities.

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12. Optin Monster 


Just like appealing web design, the Optin monster empowers you to convert visitors into subscribers and eventually become your customers. The optimization software captures the attention of those abandoning their shopping carts, turning them into lead sales. Its main goal is to help you grow your email list. Although you can have a free download straight from WordPress repository for plugins, you need to have an active paid subscription.

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As we had said from the beginning, using the WordPress Development tools which are readily available will put your e-commerce business to another level. We have discussed the best there is, and most of them are free, although they have customization options. Using them in your store will enhance your content marketing with cognitive flexibility.