How to Write the Best Product Description for Your Online Store

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How to Write the Best Product Description for Your Online Store

As an online store owner, you understand that right and well-crafted product descriptions are critical. The reason is obvious: they supply customers with all the details about the features and benefits of the product, as well as convince them to buy.

However, what makes a description attractive to buyers? It’s clear that neither the manufacturer’s instructions nor a bunch of words for search engines will bring a new customer, while the key benefits, solutions to frustrating issues, and some unique value propositions will. They are able to give your customers insight into whether the product is the right fit for them.

In this guide, we’ll focus on the ways how to craft product descriptions that bring more sales, lower refund rates, and customer loyalty.

1. Address your target audience directly

If you focus on your buyers and keep them in mind, you address them personally using the word “you”. When you start writing a description, try to imagine your target audience. For this, determine the following:

  • Potential buyers’ interests, issues, and pains.
  • The reasons why they would like to buy the product.
  • The product overview.
  • Questions that your clients might ask face-to-face

Then, write your own text. As you may already know, Google penalizes duplicates or thin copy. If you want to convert a customer, write unique copies.

2. Determine individual product features and specifications

In the beginning, compile a list of product specs, functions, and key features, and then describe the advantages of each of them. Try to focus on how the product can make customers feel happier or more productive. Remember, positive experiences sell better.

The product photo is the first thing your potential buyers look at. So add several images with descriptions. As for the manufacturer’s ones, don’t copy and paste them. It is better to rewrite these texts making them simpler and keeping casual. Educate your customers about the product, be honest, and highlight its strengths.

3. Be specific

Don’t overuse superlatives. Instead of using words like “excellent” or “the best”, use technical details and product benefits, including materials, size, weight, color, manufacturer, etc. Here are some tips on how to make your product description specific:

  • Put an emphasis on the look of the product.
  • Use natural language.
  • Add additional product information that the image or photo can’t do on its own.
  • Provide customers with extra information they may need to make a purchase (e.g., a list of all the specs or care information).

4. Use mini-stories

Inject creativity into your product description. For example, story-telling became a very effective technique that entices customers to buy. Stories deliver a message that you buy something special, something you can’t get at any other store.

Product descriptions can also tell a story. For example, create a copy, which tells why your customer needs this product. You can also present the benefits of the products using the story. To draw your customers’ attention, it is good to use funny or entertaining stories about the product. So your creativity and imagination will make your copies stand out.

5. Optimize your product description for SEO


To help your customers find the product, you should make it show up on Google. Note that the product page is not likely to appear high in search results if it lacks content.

So write the copy and optimize it adding keywords and images for keywords. The latter is usually the search term that your customers use to find the product. Also, use keyword-relevant names.

To get more sales and bring more traffic, you should promote your content. The easiest way to achieve this is to use tools like Links Management for your store. It includes three free products, namely Seo Expert Tool for link building, Seo Cost Calculator to reach Google’s Top 10, and Seo Tips and Tricks Guides.

6. Implement scannable design

The texts should be both easy to read and look appealing. To make online shopping easier for customers, use headlines, bullets, short paragraphs, good pictures and images, lots of white space, and different size fonts.

7. Use power words to increase sales

There are some words that help engage consumers at a subconscious level. If you use them, you increase the chances of making a sale. What are they? The top-4 include new, guaranteed, free, and above-mentioned you.

However, the list is much wider. Based on David Ogilvy, a British advertising tycoon and founder of Ogilvy & Mather, the most influential words are as follows:

  • Suddenly
  • Imagine
  • Now
  • Instantly
  • Announcing
  • Because
  • Limited
  • Introducing
  • Last chance
  • Amazing
  • Final
  • Sensational
  • Never again
  • Revolutionary
  • Miracle
  • Magic
  • Expires
  • Quick
  • Hurry

These keywords may help captivate your reader. What is left is to include a call to action. Use the above-mentioned words when writing email subject lines, product descriptions, headlines, etc.

Please note that your copies should be honest and transparent. For example, if you write that your product is of the highest quality while it has countless complaints, you trick people and may lose out on the client’s future purchases as well.

8. Use the power of proof

Write the Best Product Description for Your Online Store

The survey by BrightLocal showed that 82% of consumers read online reviews. What’s more, the average customer spends 13 minutes and 45 seconds reading reviews before making a decision.

You need to sneak social proof. To achieve that, add the section with reviews and testimonials. Don’t delete negative ones. It is better to provide customers with solutions. This will show buyers your readiness to resolve any issues they face. The quotes can carry even more impact if they go with an image of a person. For most buyers, it adds credibility and personality. Your clients are more likely to buy if the product is popular.

That said, some sellers use product description generators. However, unique and generic texts are more convincing for customers, and thus more effective. If you’re still having trouble writing the product descriptions, here are the step to follow:

  • Start with an introductory story related to the product.
  • Articulate in detail the product benefits and features.
  • Include customers’ reviews and recommendations.

Clear, concise, and skimmable… These are the three main words to describe a good product description. Remember that you craft it to give your buyers the information they need. If you write unique copies and implement the tips above, you will increase sales and get to the top of Google search results. We are sure it’s worth your time.

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