The 6 Best PayPal Alternatives for Online Transactions

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PayPal alternatives

Most of us use PayPal for international money transactions. It is a simple and reliable service to accept and send payments anywhere in the world. The account can be created using an email address and the money will be transferred to your bank account after deducting a fee.

But time has changed. Now there are several payment services available to make your transaction easier and stress-free. At the same time, many people think that PayPal charges higher than that of similar services. It may not be affordable for the freelancers in the beginning stage. Moreover, PayPal is not available in some Asian and African countries. These are the main reasons why people looking for PayPal alternatives.

Best PayPal Alternatives

In this article, we’ll tell you the 6 best PayPal alternatives to accept and send payments.

1. Google Pay

Google Pay

Google Pay is an online payment system developed by Google. It lets you send and receive payments using an email address. You can fuel the account through supported banks, credit and debit cards. The main advantage of Google Pay is that the company doesn’t levy any charges for your transactions. You can send and receive payment without any cost.

Google Pay service is currently available in selected countries like the US, UK, Singapore, NewZealand, Australia, Canada, and others. The account balance can be utilized to shop in leading outlets and websites wherever Google Pay is accepted.

2. Stripe


Stripe is one of the best PayPal alternatives for online payment. It is fast, easy to use and allows both individuals and business to accept payments over the internet.

They charge a fixed fee and a percentage of the transaction each time you accept the payment. Stripe charges 2.9% + 30¢ for each transaction in the US. Their service is currently available in 25 countries including the US, UK, Austria, Japan, NewZealand, Singapore, Canada, Germany, Australia, and others.

3. Payoneer


Payoneer is another PayPal alternative to make your online transactions easier. It is really fast in processing payments and you will get funds within a few minutes of getting paid.

The transactions between Payoneer customers are free and the same in the case of check (USD) payments too. But credit and debit card payments attract a fee of 3%.

4. Skrill


Skrill is one of the popular PayPal alternatives for internet-based money transfers. It charges 1.9% of the transaction amount if there is no currency conversion involved, otherwise, you have to pay 3.99% or more.

Skrill allows you can send money to the bank, to another Skrill wallet or a mobile wallet. You can create an account in any of the 40 major currencies but once the first transaction is made it is not possible to change the account’s currency.

5. TransferWise


TransferWise is a great option for international payments. It is simple, fast and lets you transfer money in real-time exchange rates. Their fees are low when compared to other similar services and it depends on the location of both the parties.

For $100 transfer from the US to the UK, you have to pay 0.6% of the amount that’s converted + $1.25 at this moment. It supports ACH debit, credit card, debit card, bank transfer, and Swift payments.

6. Authorize

Authorize is a US-based payment gateway that allows you to accept payments from websites and deposit funds automatically to your bank account. It accepts payment from all major debit and credit cards, Android Pay, Apple Pay, and others. charges $49 as setup fee and $25 monthly fee. A flat fee of 2.9% of the transaction amount + 30¢ is applicable for domestic payments. For global sales, you need to make an additional payment- 1.5% per transaction.

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