Top 10 Best Password Manager Extensions for Chrome and Firefox

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A complex password is essential to protect your account from others. It makes it difficult for strangers to guest your passwords and gain access to your confidential data.

Cybersecurity experts recommend us to use alpha-numeric passwords to secure our websites, emails, and others against hacking attempts. Password with a combination of numbers, characters, and special characters is known as alpha-numeric which is hard for anyone to remember and identify. If this is the case, how can you remember and use them in online accounts?

Luckily, there is a solution.

Password manager apps. They are highly-secured tools to store all your credentials in an encrypted place. Not only passwords, but you can also store bank account details, credit cards, and others in a password manager and access them whenever you need. They work across platforms, device types, and browsers. So you can use them to generate and recollect strong passwords on any website, app, and device.

Best Password Manager Extensions for Google Chrome

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How a password manager collects and stores your credentials?

Through browser extensions. A password manager extension will track your activities and seek your permission to store the credentials when you signup or sign in to a website. Then, it will save your data in military-grade secured servers which no one else can read without your master password. While visiting the same website again, you will see a password indication on the extension toolbar that allows you to sign in to the account automatically.

Today we bring the top 10 best password manager extensions for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox to efficiently manage your online accounts.

1. LastPass


LastPass is one of the popular, free password manager extensions for browsers. It can store all your usernames and passwords in a military graded security environment & sync them across the platforms and devices you use. It will automatically login you to the sites saved and lets you add, edit, view, or delete the passwords through easy to use interface.

LastPass can also be used to store your bank details, credit cards, auto-fill forms and generate strong passwords. Your entire data is protected by an end to end encryption, two-step authentication, and a master password. So no one can view them in any situation.

Chrome | Firefox

2. Keeper


Keeper is a widely acclaimed tool for password management. It will store your unlimited passwords, financial information, and protect you from hackers and others who want to steal your accounts. It will generate secure passwords and auto-fill the details when needed.

Keeper also works as a private vault to store your private files, photos, and videos. It has an elegant design and customizable interface to give a professional-level experience to the users. Keeper lets you protect the date with biometric security, two-level authentication, and other modern security standards.

Chrome | Firefox

3. Blur

Blur is a great security solution to save your money and protect you against hacking attempts. It will store, encrypts your credentials, and creates strong passwords in one click. While making a purchase, Blur will mask your real credit card and will create a disposable credit card to replace the original. So no one can collect your precious financial information in any way even in the form of web trackers. It is also able to mask your email address and block hidden web trackers from spying on you.

Chrome | Firefox

4. 1Password


1Password is a simple browser extension for Chrome and Firefox. It will save your passwords, credit cards, ID cards, documents, and other valuable information in a safe and encrypted server. When you are trying to open a connected site or app, 1Password will automatically login to it.

Chrome | Firefox

5. Dashlane – Password Manager


Dashlane is one of our favorite password manager extensions. It is a prominent tool to store and manage all your confidential data across the devices you use. Dashlane adopts ultra-modern security standards to secure credentials bank account details and credit card information. It can also be used to generate highly secure passwords for your accounts.

Dashlane is easy to manage, offers unlimited secure storage, and lets you log in to emails, social sites, and others in seconds.


6. RoboForm

Robo form is another tool that remembers your passwords and automatically login you to the connected sites with one click. It is easy to use and saves your logins, bookmarks, safe notes, payment methods to your Roboform account. It will generate unique passwords with a built-in password generator and sync everything with multiple computers, mobile devices you use.

Chrome | Firefox

7. Bitwarden

Bitwarden is a free less known password manager to manage your web accounts. It will store your usernames, passwords, and sync them with all of your devices. It is easy to use and quickly auto-fill your credentials into any website you visit. You can also create secure passwords with Bitwarden’s inbuilt password generator and customize them in terms of length, character type, numbers, etc.

Chrome | Firefox

8. Strong Password Generator

It’s not a password manager but a simple browser extension to create a strong password for your web accounts. Choose what type of characters you want in the proposed password like uppercase/lowercase letters, numbers or custom and set its length to instantly generate a password for you.


9. PassBrow

PassBrow is not a password manager extension like others. It is a simple Chrome extension to lock your browser and prevents others from using it without your permission.

Set a password for Chrome and choose an interval to automatically lock it after a certain amount of time. It is very easy to use and prevents access to any part of the browser including shortcuts, history, settings, web pages, etc.


10. Zoho Vault

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Zoho Vault is another best password manager extension. It is a perfect tool for teams to securely store, share, and manage sensitive data. The entire data including your passwords are protected with AES-256 encryption standards and you can make use of them anywhere from any device even offline.

It is easy to use and gives you full control over users, groups, and the application. Track user activities with detailed records of their password use, granting different access privileges to the members, etc make Zoho Vault an essential security tool for organizations.

Chrome | Firefox

Are you using any password manager extensions? Feel free to share your feedback through comments.

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