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The 20+ Best Money Making Apps Which will Pay You for Using Them

money making apps

We are using different types of apps in smartphones like email, chat, music, anti virus and much more. But how many of us are using money making apps?

There are some awesome apps which will pay you for using them. 25 best money making apps are listed below and you can earn cash or gift cards by performing simple tasks with them.

1. Surveys On The Go

It is a survey application which pays for expressing your opinions on political campaigns, jury trials, products, videos or attending surveys. Most of the surveys take a few minutes to complete.

Payment structure: From $0.25 to $5  for each opinion, surveys.

iOS | Android

2. Pact

Set your health goals for each week and get paid by other community members who don’t. Health goal means anything with regard to your exercise, eating and share relevant statistics/photos of your workouts with others. Pact is well integrated with popular fitness apps like RunKeeper, MapMyRun, MyFitnessPal, Fitbit, Jawbone Up to track your workouts.

iOS | Android

3. Foap

Foap is a great marketing place for your photos. Post any of your photos- including that of pets, food, outdoor etc- and earn at least $5 per photo. The app is using by thousands of companies and if they like any of your snaps, will pay you. It also lets you participate in regular photo missions of the big brands for higher pay.

iOS  | Android

4. StockUp

Enter best buy prices of grocery items in your area. During shopping, compare it with local prices submitted by other users to find the best deal price. Earn 20 points for each valid price you enter on grocery items and 1 point for each valid price of non grocery items. When it reaches 1000 points, you can trade it for real cash from Paypal.


5. JunoWallet

Watch videos, play games, attend surveys, invite friends to earn cash or a wide range of gift cards like Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, eBay, Nike, Domino and much more.


6. Mobee

Mobee is another interesting app which pays you for giving feedback on your favorite retailers and restaurants. Open the app, pick a business in your area from thousands of listings and answer simple questions on them. Collect your points and later redeem it for gift cards or cash.

iOS  | Android

7. Gigwalk

Build a professional profile, connect with popular businesses and find local contract works based on your skills and experience. Works are available from $6 to $220 for people in the US and certain part of Canada and assignments include taking photos of store displays, testing mobile apps, delivery services etc

iOS  | Android

8. CheckPoints

Scan bar codes of popular products in super markets or watch videos or play games to earn points which can be redeemed for fantastic gadgets, gift cards and other rewards.

iOS  | Android

9. Ebates.com

Ebates provides awesome discount coupons and up to 26% cash back on each shopping from over 1700 stores including Walmart, JCPenney,  Overstock, ShoeBuy, Groupon and more. It lets you compare prices of a particular product across the stores or to find double cash back offers in the local also.

iOS | Android

10. App Trailers

Watch app trailers, music or movie videos and get cash or gift cards. You can upload videos, collect likes and thus reward points as well.

iOS | Android

11. Field Agent

Collect cash by providing simple information about your area like super market, transportation, restaurants etc. One of the clients will create a job by asking specific details on the go, you can accept the task and will get two hours time to complete it. If the provided information found correct, you will get payment within 48 hrs via Paypal.

iOS  | Android

12. Viggle

Open Viggle, discover your favorite TV shows or songs, enjoy it and collect points which can be later redeemed for electronics, songs, gift cards and so on.

iOS  | Android

13. Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog is another money saving app for your shopping. Just snap pictures of your grocery receipts, earn rewards with each receipt and redeem it for cash, gift cards etc. You can earn extra cash by participating in surveys, feedback as well.

iOS  | Android

14. Fiverr

Fiverr is a great marketing place where you can buy and sell almost anything. Search for jobs or find a freelancer based on your requirement is very easy now like installing a mobile app. The minimum payout is $ 5.

iOS  | Android

15. Rewardable

Earn cash while you shop or for giving feed back on a product. Rewardable will work in more than 1000 cities and each task completes usually within 5-20 minutes. Tasks include- record waiting time at a restaurant, rate the quality of customer service at a shop, take photo of a promotional banner, display at a grocery store.

iOS  | Android

16. Slidejoy

Slidejoy pays you for reading articles, deals on your lock screen. It has nice, clean interface and you will be shown best deals based on your past browsing history.


17. Task Rabbit

TaskRabbit is an impressive app to find suitable jobs in your area. Tasks include house cleaning, clean dishes, installing shelves, repair electronic items, grocery delivery, collect dresses from dry cleaning centers, pack and bring household items into a new house etc.

iOS | Android

18. Shopkick

Earn points for walking into leading shopping spots and redeem the points for gift cards. It will also show best products, deals in your locality.

iOS  | Android

19. Ibotta

Get exclusive rebates at your nearest retailers or collect best deals on electronics, grocery etc from your favorite shops. Cash back payments will be made via Paypal.


20. Easy Shift

Collect cash to shop, eat and explore in your city. Complete simple tasks on local business houses, take a photo and be paid within 48 hours via your Paypal account.

iOS | Android

21. Iconzoomer

Create a profile, upload photos from your daily life like food, shoes, work etc and earn credits for each upload. You will get 25 Euro cent for each photo and can receive payment through Paypal.

iOS | Android

22. Jingit

Watch ads, scan bar codes, buy selected products, scan payment receipts of promoted products, answer survey questions and earn cash back or E-gift cards.