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25 Best IFTTT Applets to Supercharge your Social Media Engagement

IFTTT recipes

Time is the matter. We don’t have time to spend on all leading social networks and other community sites to spread out messages or contents. But we can’t avoid them too as those kinds of sites are an inevitable part of modern marketing.

There are tons of social media sites and you may have an account on most of them. But we know that it is not possible to visit all these sites on regular basis. Forget about second level social sites which need your presence only on weekends or other free times you get. But as a marketer, no one can ignore the impact created by Facebook, Twitter like sites for selling products and generating a huge level of blog traffic.

To overcome the time issue, we can depend on some awesome social media tools which will auto post for you according to the predefined instruction set. IFTTT is one of them. It is easy to use and will work across different networks and services.

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Our conditional statements are known as applets on IFTTT. It will be triggered by the first condition you set. For instance, you are an Android user who wants to mute the phone automatically at bedtime. To make the applet work, you have to configure the bedtime. The trigger will fire every day at a scheduled time and the phone will be silent automatically. Similarly, you can use from thousands of available applets or create your own to simplify various things in daily life.

We list 25 best IFTTT applets for managing your social media accounts in this post.

1. Post your Tweets to Facebook when you use a specific hashtag

This’s is an interesting recipe. It will be triggered when you tweeted with a specific hashtag and will share the same link to your Facebook wall also. So you need not switch in between two networks to share same contents on them. A single tweet is enough to reach a large number of your followers on both the sites.

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2. Say good morning to all your friends on LinkedIn

Start your day with a good morning message. Just set the time, your message and forget about the rest. It will post your good morning status message in the LinkedIn wall at the specified time without any further intervention from your side.

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3. Save and share your Instagram photos across your social media

This is a popular recipe for Instagram users. It will share your Instagram photos on Facebook, Twitter and upload the same into Dropbox account too. Awesome, is it?

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4. Post your Instagram photos to Tumblr

This is a cute recipe if you have accounts on both the sites. Whenever you post a photo on Instagram, the image will be shared automatically on your Tumblr blog also.

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5. Share Facebook Page updates on Twitter

You may have a fan page on Facebook. It is a good practice to share all your page posts on Twitter too. This recipe will post a new tweet on your Twitter account as soon as you posted an update on a connected Facebook page.

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6. Post all of your Tweets to LinkedIn

Twitter and LinkedIn are the main social networks for professionals. This applet lets you share all your tweets on LinkedIn, which is very useful for users of both the sites will have common interests.

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7. Share your YouTube uploads to a Facebook Page

Connect your YouTube videos with Facebook page fans. It will create a link post on the Facebook page whenever you uploads a video on YouTube. The recipe will help you to get thousands of YouTube viewers within a short period of time depends upon the number of Facebook page fans you have.

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8. Sync your new Instagrams to a Pinterest board

Instagram and Pinterest are favorite zones of photography fans. Sync them is very beneficial to improve your reputation and engagement on the social media.

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9. Get a daily email update with the top posts from your favorite Reddit subreddit

Reddit is the best destination to get latest posts on any topic. Just choose your favorite subreddit or category to get the posts. The applet will send you top posts in the form of daily mail update.

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10. Tweet Happy New Year!

Tweet happy new year at the very first moment of the year. The trigger will fire once a year according to the date and time you specified. If you want to post something else on yearly basis, customize the same applet with your new message and time.

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11. Post your Foursquare photos to Flickr

This is another recipe to supercharge your social media engagement. It will upload your Foursquare photos along with your location, photo title and tags to Flickr.

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12. If it’s 6 AM in the morning! then create a Good morning greetings on Facebook!

Make your followers happy with daily good morning messages. This recipe will post a regular status update on your Facebook wall at a specified time. There is no other better way to send good morning messages to your FB friends! Do you agree?

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13. Share your new Instagram photos to Flickr

We love photos! So we can’t avoid photo sharing sites as well. This recipe will share your Instagram photos to Flickr account along with photo title, URL and tags.

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14. Share Pins from a specific board to your Tumblr blog

You may have a Tumblr blog and Pinterest board on the similar topic. This recipe will automatically share new pins from a specific board to your Tumblr blog.

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15. Include a #hashtag in a photo post caption to cross-post to your Facebook Page

If you inserted a specific hashtag on profile photo posts, it will cross post the same picture on your Facebook page too.

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16. Share the same links you post on Twitter on Tumblr

Build a connection between your Twitter and Tumblr accounts. This recipe will share everything you posted on Twitter with Tumblr blog.

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17. Pin your Ello loves

Ello is a social network for creatives, as you know. You will find thousands of creative works from freshers as well as famous personalities there. Express your love and inform the same to your Pinterest followers.

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18. Twitter to Buffer

Do you want to cross-post contents on other social media sites? Then, connect your account with Buffer app. This recipe will add all your tweets into Buffer for sharing in similar networks.

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19. Twitter to Medium

Medium is a popular blogging platform where you can promote other links also. This recipe will share your tweets, retweets on medium with a link, title, and other ingredients.

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20. Remind your Facebook friends to follow you on Twitter

We all are interested in expanding the followers’ strength on social sites. This is another useful recipe which will remind your Facebook friends at scheduled intervals to follow you on Twitter.

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21. If a new Status Message is posted on my Company Facebook Page, post a message on LinkedIn

If you are a social media marketer of a company, this recipe will reduce your workload to some extent. Whenever you post a status message on the company Facebook page, it will post a message on the LinkedIn wall also.

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22. Automatically add Facebook Pages posts to your Buffer queue

Share your Facebook page posts to other social media accounts using Buffer. It will automatically add your page posts to Buffer queue for posting in connected accounts.

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23. Post your Tweets to Sina Weibo

Sina Weibo is a leading microblogging site in China. This recipe lets you share Twitter tweets to Sina Weibo with options to include or exclude retweets and replies.

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24. Facebook Page to Facebook Profile

Manage your profile and fan page at the same time on Facebook. This applet will create a link post on your profile page when you posted something on the Facebook page.

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25. Get an email when your company is mentioned on Reddit

The trigger will fire and send you an email as soon as your name or brand is mentioned on Reddit. So you can respond to such mentions without any delay.

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If you are not satisfied with what you get, create own recipes from here. Click + icon to choose your first service. Suppose you want to send a tweet as soon as you publish a new post on Tumblr. In this case, choose Tumblr is your first service. From there, select ‘Any new post’ as your trigger.

Now you will see that old + icon is by Tumblr logo. Tap the new + icon to choose action service.  It’s Twitter in our example. Select ‘post a tweet’ as action. Finally, tap ‘Create Action’ button to finish your applet. Done! Now you can make use of the newly created recipe.

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