30 Most Essential IFTTT Recipes for Bloggers to get Huge Traffic

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Blogging is a part of our life. After publishing a post, we used to promote it among our social accounts for traffic. If you are a serious marketer, share your contents during peak hours to get maximum attention. In short, we can say that social media marketing grabs a major portion of your blogging time.

A blogger’s workload will reduce if you have a dedicated or automated social media manager to do the task. A dedicated manager is not possible for small-scale bloggers, so you have to rely on automated tools for the purpose.

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IFTTT is the best option for bloggers to perform various kinds of jobs. Its scope is not limited to just marketing and their simple applets will work beyond your expectations.

Best IFTTT Applets for Bloggers

Now we list 30 most essential IFTTT recipes for bloggers.


1. WordPress to Facebook

This recipe will share your new WordPress post to the Facebook page. You can customize the linked post with post content, categories, tags, etc.

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2. WordPress to Twitter

Inform your followers about the latest blog post. This is one of the best IFTTT recipes for bloggers that can post a new tweet as soon as you publish a new WordPress post.

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3. WordPress to Pinterest

Pinterest can send huge traffic to your posts. This IFTTT recipe will pin your new WordPress posts to a Pinterest board.

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4. WordPress to Buffer

Share your blog posts on leading social networks through Buffer. It will add your post to Buffer queue for sharing.

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5. WordPress to Flickr

This recipe will post your blog photos to Flickr. It will also add categories, post title, description, etc to the photo.

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6. WordPress to Google Drive

Can we forget the backup? Nope. This IFTTT recipe can create a new document in Google Drive as soon as you published a WordPress post. It will contain post title, URL, content, date, and other details.

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7. WordPress to LinkedIn

LinkedIn is another popular site to get a good amount of traffic. Share your post on LinkedIn using this applet.

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8. WordPress to Tumblr

Tumblr is an excellent site for blogging and promotions. This is another best of IFTTT recipes for bloggers which can share your new WordPress post to Tumblr automatically.

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9. WordPress to Evernote

Archive your WordPress posts to Evernote. This IFTTT recipe will create a new note whenever you publish a new WordPress post.

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10. WordPress to Medium

Medium is an online publishing platform from Twitter. Create a Medium story from your latest WordPress posts and share it with the followers.

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11. WordPress to Delicious

Delicious is our favorite bookmarking site for latest contents on any subject. When you publish a new post, it will add a new public bookmark on your Delicious account.

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12. WordPress to Facebook profile

Posting a link post on your Facebook profile is very beneficial for driving traffic. When you publish a new post on WordPress, this recipe will send a link post to your profile page.

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13. WordPress to Blogger

Blogger is a free blogging platform which can be used for sending readers to your WordPress blog. This IFTTT applet can create a link post as soon as you created a post on WordPress.

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14. WordPress to Pocket

Save your new posts in Pocket for reading it later. When you publish a new post, this applet will add the link to your Pocket queue.

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15. WordPress to Reddit

Connect your WordPress blog and Reddit. This recipe will create a new link on Reddit whenever you publish a WordPress post.

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1. Tumblr to Facebook

This is one of the popular IFTTT recipes for Tumblr bloggers. It will automatically share your latest Tumblr posts on Facebook.

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2. Tumblr to Twitter

This is another IFTTT recipe for Tumblr blogs. When you publish a post, it will tweet the link to your followers.

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3. Tumblr to Flickr

When you publish a new post, it will share your blog post image to Flickr. It is a widely used method for driving traffic from the photo-sharing site.

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4. Tumblr to Medium

It’s good to hear that you can create Medium stories right from Tumblr. This recipe allows you to create and share your Tumblr post to Medium network.

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5. Tumblr to Blogger

We already connected WordPress and Blogger blogs. Time has come for Tumblr to join the group. This recipe lets you share Tumblr posts on Blogger blogs.

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6. Tumblr to Dropbox

Backup is essential for any type of blog. This is another best of IFTTT recipes to save all your Tumblr photos on Dropbox account.

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7. Tumblr to Evernote

Never forget your likes on Tumblr. When you liked a post or photo on Tumblr, it will add a new note to your Evernote account with relevant links for future reference.

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1. Medium to Facebook

If you recommend a story on Medium, this recipe will create a link post on Facebook.

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2. Medium to Twitter

Share what you are reading now with Twitter followers. It will tweet links of your recommended articles on Medium.

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3. Medium to LinkedIn

Next is LinkedIn. Don’t you like to share recommended articles with your LinkedIn friends? Then, this applet is for you.

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4. Medium to Pinterest

This is an awesome recipe to pin all your recommended posts on Medium to a separate “Recommendations” board on Pinterest.

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5. Twitter to Medium

Create Medium stories using a tweet. The trigger will fire when you post a new tweet with a specific hashtag. You can choose whether it should be published immediately or save in drafts.

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6. A friendly reminder

It is a cute reminding option from Medium for writing on the site. The recipe will add a Medium draft every Saturday 9 am to remind you to write.

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1. Blogger To Facebook

This is one of the best IFTTT recipes for blogger blogs. It will share your post on Facebook as soon as you published it on Blogger.

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2. Blogger to Twitter

Tweet about your latest blog posts. It will inform your followers that you have created a new post on Blogger.

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3. Blogger to LinkedIn

This recipe will share your new Blogger post with LinkedIn friends.

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Are you using any IFTTT recipes to manage your blogging activities?

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