18 Best Free SEO Tools You Should Use to Grow Traffic in 2024

Best Free SEO Tools

Looking for the best free SEO tools to get content ideas, fix SEO mistakes, and others?

Search engine optimization is a crucial thing to optimize your website for search engines and bring massive traffic from them. It is a costly process, and you may need to invest a huge amount to make it work.

Luckily, there are several free SEO tools available on the web to handle the job. They will help you to do keyword research, run SEO analysis, monitor audience, and much more. Use them efficiently to optimize your pages and grow traffic in 2024.

In this post, we list 17 best free SEO tools to help you manage different things from keyword research to traffic monitoring. No need to spend any money. They are best for beginners as well as experts to uncover new niche possibilities and generate more sales.

Let’s get started,

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Best Free SEO Tools 2024

These are best free SEO tools in 2024,

1. Semrush


Semrush is an all-in-one platform for keyword research, competitor analysis, SEO audit, and much more. Whether you are a business owner or a blogger, it is the best place to find new growth opportunities and boost traffic.

Enter a keyword to get profitable content ideas. Filter matching keywords by traffic, search volume, and CPC rate to discover the best topics that can drive massive traffic from search queries. Analyze top SERP ranking pages to collect related keywords and backlink sources.

Monitor competitor’s websites to learn how they create and market content, build backlinks, and so on. Implement their working strategies on your way to outrank rivals and dominate your search engine ranking positions.

From keyword research to rank tracking to link building, Semrush does several things to generate traffic and increase your revenue. Their pricing plans start at $99.95/mo. But you can use it for free with limitations.

Click here to activate a 7-days free Semrush trial and use all their premium tools for free

2. Answer The Public


Answer The Public is a great tool for keyword research. Enter one or two keywords in the search box and choose your target audience. It will show you Google autocomplete queries for the keyword in a visual chart and organize them into different sections like questions, prepositions, comparisons, and related phrases. You can also download the results in CSV format.

Answer The Public is priced at $79/month in annual plans. But they have free plans with up to 500k searches a month.

3. GTmetrix


GTmetrix is one of the best free SEO tools for speed optimization. It will access your website from different server locations to determine its speed, loading time, total size, etc.

After analyzing your pages, GTmetrix generates reports with actionable recommendations to improve your page performance and traffic. Head to Waterfall tab to which plugin and content type slow down your pages with their fully loaded time, size, etc. Remove or optimize them to improve your page speed score and boost ranking positions.

4. Google Keyword Planner


Google Keyword Planner is another free keyword research tool for online publishers. Enter your seed keyword and filter options to detect the most profitable keywords in your target location.

Mainly designed to run Google Ad campaigns, it will display results along with average monthly searches for searched keywords from the chosen location, competition level, etc. Change the period to retrieve the most recent search data or historical data for up to last 4 years. It is an impressive tool for basic keyword research if you have no budget to invest in premium SEO tools like Semrush and Ahrefs.

5. Rank Math SEO


Rank Math SEO is a powerful WordPress SEO plugin from MyThemeShop. It is free and offers several premium-quality functionalities from one place. The features include on-page SEO, local SEO, schema markup, XML sitemaps, redirections, image optimization, and much more.

Free SEO analysis

Rank Math also allows you to run an SEO audit of your site for free. So you can find common SEO mistakes and fix them easily using Rank Math’s audit reports. For that, plugin installation is not mandatory.

6. SEOquake


SEOquake is a free Chrome extension to access key SEO metrics of any website. It serves metrics like website ranking, Google & Bing index, SEMrush rank, SEMrush traffic, Social media likes, internal and external links, keyword density, and many others.

Free SEO audit is another advantage of SEOquake extension to run a thorough checkup of the website and current page.

7. Google Search Console

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is one of the popular free SEO tools for web publishers to analyze their page performance and slow speed issues. Submit your post URLs and Sitemap to Google to make sure that they are search-engine friendly.

Monitor your individual pages to detect if they have any slow speed issues on desktop and mobile. Follow Google webmaster guidance to boost your page speed and traffic. Visit Search Console’s Performance tab to find the most popular keywords that bring traffic to your pages, most visited pages, top traffic locations, clicks you receive from SERPs each day, etc.

8. Bing Webmaster Tools


Bing Webmaster is another free SEO tool to manage your search engine appearance. Submit your post URLs and Sitemaps to update Bing with the latest changes in your site. It allows you to geotarget users based on domain, subdomains, directories, and pages.

Keyword research is a major part of Bing webmaster tools. Enter your keywords and set a target location to get topic ideas. It can also analyze your pages to know whatever improvements are needed to get love from search engines.

9. Ahrefs Free Backlink Checker

Ahrefs backlink checker

Ahrefs Free Backlink checker is one of the best free SEO tools for backlink analysis. It lets you spy on competitor’s backlinks and steals their link building strategies.

Ahrefs provides powerful link metrics of any website with the domain/URL rating of the referring domain, anchor, link type, top pages from the site (sorted by the number of backlinks they have), referring domain type, etc.

10. Google Search

Google Search

Do you know that Google search works like a free keyword research tool? Open Google search in Incognito mode and enter your query in the text box. Google will suggest relevant keywords in the form of auto-complete entries as you type in the box. The incognito mode ensures that your browsing history doesn’t influence the suggestions anyway.

11. Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism Checker

Do you want to ensure that if the content is fresh and not published anywhere on the web? Plagiarism Checker is a free tool to detect duplicate contents. Copy-paste your text or upload the document or enter a webpage URL to run a free audit and rewrite the content if needed.

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12. Google Trends


Google Trends is another best of free SEO tools to analyze the popularity of a keyword. Search a query and set a target location to view search trends for the past 12 months. Filter results by time range, categories, and search type to find terms that are still popular and match your interests.

13. Check My Links

Check My links

Check My Links is one of the simple free SEO tools to find and fix broken links. It is a Chrome extension that lets you detect broken links on any webpage easily. It will highlight active links in green color and broken links in red.

14. Mobile-Friendly Test


Is your website mobile-friendly? How fast it loads on mobiles and tablets? Inspect it with Google to know if your theme is mobile-optimized and offers a better viewing experience to smartphone users. Follow Google’s optimization tips to improve your page speed and traffic.

15. Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the best place to get deep insights in to your audience and traffic. It helps you to identify your target location, most popular posts, top referral channels, and more.

Track your visitors and find who divert them to your content. Prepare effective marketing plans to attract more customers. Monitor page-level statistics to detect what kind of topic works best for you. Create new content on related keywords to maintain current readers and get more clicks from similar search queries.

16. TinyPNG


Large-sized images may decrease your page performance and affect SEO seriously. So you should optimize them properly either using a WordPress plugin or an online image compression tool.

TinyPNG is a simple tool to compress your images in one-click. It is free and supports PNG, JPG files with up to 5 MB size.

17. Live SERP Checker


Make a local Google search from anywhere in the world. SERP checker from Ahrefs is a simple tool to check your keyword rankings and PPC ads across different countries.

Enter your keyword and pick a location from the drop-down list. It will display top ranking pages for the given keyword along with their Domain Rating, number of backlinks, referring domains, traffic, and ranking keywords. It is a great tool to find how your keyword or ad campaign performs in various locations without using any VPN.

18. SEO Search Simulator

SEO Search Simulator

Do you want to track your own or competitor’s links in search results? SEO Search Simulator is a Chrome extension that helps you find a page URL in SERPs for any country, language, and keyword.

Click the extension icon and select a search engine first. Enter your keyword for which you want to track rankings. Set a country and language as next. Hit the Perform search button to begin.

Enter your target page URL to find it in the search results. SEO Search Simulator is a good SEO tool for publishers to track ranking of their own pages or competitor’s links.

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