Best Duplicate Content Checker WordPress Plugins

Best Duplicate Content Checker WordPress Plugins

Are you in search of a plugin that helps to remove duplicate contents from your website? Then you are in the right place.

Plagiarism and duplicate content may hurt your website’s SEO. If Google discovers that your website content is copied or plagiarized then Google doesn’t rank your page.

So, if you are worried about your website’s content quality, don’t stress now. Here is a collection of the most useful duplicate content checker plugins considering their ratings, reviews, and features.

Best Duplicate Content Checker for WordPress

The underneath WordPress plugins help you find and remove duplicate content from your website as well as if anyone has copied your quality content then you can found easily using these plugins.

Let’s explore now.

1. PrePost SEO

Duplicate Content Checker

PrePost SEO is a popular duplicate content checker for WordPress that checks the SEO score and helps to improve web page SEO. In short, it enables you to make your post search engine friendly before you publish the post.

The main feature of this plugin checks plagiarism sentence wise in just one click, SEO checker is the most important plugin which includes domain authority, page authority and checks many other elements related to SEO, Grammar check, etc.

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2. Copyscaper

Duplicate Content Checker plugins

Copyscaper is another duplicate content checker that runs your posts through Copyscape API directly in your WordPress dashboard. It helps you to keep track of all the articles that pass or fail. This enables editors and writers to go back and review them for a duplicate.

You can also give access to editors and writers to run a plagiarism check to keep direct track in WordPress Post Page. Most content writers are concerned with plagiarism. Plagiarism checker finds any duplication across the internet and also checks if someone copying your content without your knowledge.

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3. Trash Duplicate And 301 Redirect PRO

Duplicate Content Checker WordPress

Trash Duplicate and 301 Redirect Pro is a WordPress Plugin for searching duplicate content. It deletes the duplicate posts, pages, and custom posts. It enables you to redirect the old page to the new link with 301 redirects.

The main benefit of using this plugin is it delete duplicate content and automatically redirect to the new link. It helps you to drive traffic to one main URL, and you can be safe from being penalized by Google for duplicate content. One of the fantastic plugin to find and remove duplicate content!

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4. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO as all the WordPress people are familiar with this SEO plugin. It is already a popular plugin for the website’s SEO.

This plugin set the canonical URL to avoid duplicate content on your website. It helps to keep on eye on all pages manually. Yoast SEO helps to add title, description, meta description, keywords to each post and pages to enhance your website’s SEO. It also supports snippet editor, with that you can check your post or pages looks on the search results.

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5. Plagiarism Checker Pro

As its name suggests, Plagiarism Checker Pro is a premium and fastest WordPress duplicate content checker to check copied posts. It is a freemium plugin and comes with various plans for the premium version, so you can choose according to your website’s requirements.

Plagiarism Checker Pro checks your content and shows the result as what are the percentage (%) of plagiarised content, it shows which are the lines are plagiarised and URL of plagiarised content. These details help to remove and update your content to be unique.

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6. WP Content Copy Protection

Content Copy Protection

WP Content Copy Protection is a WordPress Plugin that uses an array of aggressive techniques in protecting your online content from being stolen.

Some of the well-known content copy methods are for example right-click, image drag/drop/save and keyboard copy shortcut keys such as CTRL-A, C, X, U, S, and P are disabled with this plugin.

This Plugin is widely used by business owner, blogger and WordPress site owner who is serious about protecting online content.

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7. Delete Duplicate Posts

Delete Duplicate Posts

As its name suggests, Delete Duplicate posts WordPress plugin helps to search and remove duplicate content from your online website. It helps to delete pages, post, custom post, metadata, etc. Using this free plugin, you can manage your website content’s quality.

As we know, Content is King but, duplicate content may harm your website’s SEO. You can also change the settings that how many times you want to run this plugin on your website. This WordPress plugin is quick and simple but, once you delete any content then, there is no Undo option. So, careful when you use this plugin to remove content.

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Wrap Up!

Plagiarized or duplicate content seriously influence your SEO performance. So, it’s essential to take steps to eliminates duplicated content.

Hope you like these WordPress plugins. Moreover, if you found any other WordPress plugins apart from this, then feel free to contact me.

Are you using any duplicate content checker plugins?

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