28 Simple Blogging Tips to Become a Successful Blogger in 2019

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Best Blogging Tips to Become a Successful Blogger in 2018

Blogging is simple but powerful.

It is the process of sharing your knowledge with others, learn and make money from what you write or promote. It is a perfect career for you if you have a passion for writing and interacting with people around the world who have similar tastes and interests.

As a blogger, you need not to stick to a 9-5 work schedule. You can work anytime you want. No boss to command you. Write about what you know, market and earn. But it is not so easy as I said.

Strong dedication and hard work are required to become a successful blogger or a reputed name in the blogging field. Fill your mind with self-confidence, learn to achieve the heights and just think about the results that you want to get. It is the keyword of success.

In this post, we’ll tell you 28 best blogging tips for beginners to become a successful blogger.

1. Start with social media posts. Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora-like sites allow you to write short blog posts and share them with friends. Collect feedback from your readers and make the necessary changes in your writing style, niche, etc (if any) before launching the blog.

2. Publish blog posts regularly (at least once a day). You can even publish short articles. But don’t forget to publish a lengthy content at regular intervals as it can cover the topic in detail. People love to read such in-depth articles like how-to tutorials, top 10 lists, etc.

3. Do keyword research to get blog post ideas which can bring massive traffic to your site.

4. Find similar keywords and use them in different parts of the content. This strategy will make your post search engine friendly and thereby it can rank higher in SERP.

5. Place heading tags wherever they required

6. The fonts you use should be simple and easy to read irrespective of the device types

7. Headlines encourage visitors to read the post. So always give an interesting, catchy title to your article. The keywords ‘how-to’, ‘top 10′, ’10 best’, ‘tutorial’, ‘step-by-step guide’ will get more user clicks than others.

8. Add simple, light-weight images to your blog post. Images are a great source of traffic which will bring readers through Google image search, and social media sites like Pinterest, Instagram, etc.

9. Infographic is another type of content which people love to read and share. Create infographic posts and share them on social sites.

10. Add beautiful social share buttons to your posts. It prompts readers to share the content among their network of friends.

11. Create a social media page for your blog and ask your friends to like the page where you can share the latest post links. It helps you to grow traffic.

12. Share your blog post links on leading social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

13. Never imitate other writers or bloggers. Develop your own writing style to deliver unique contents on the niche you choose.

14. Create short videos for your blog posts and upload them to your YouTube channel.

15. Read books, websites, blogs, and others to improve your knowledge. Reading will also help you to get new blog post ideas and build relationships with fellow bloggers.

16. Display minimum ads in your blog without disturbing the readers. Take efforts to improve user visits and not to make money in the beginning period. If you are getting enough traffic, everything will follow you.

17. Leave comments on other blogs (decently) and responds to the comments you receive. It will connect you more to the readers and experts in the field.

18. Google ranks your blog based on the quality of backlinks you have. Create backlinks in genuine, top-rated sites through guest posts, link suggestion and leaving comments.

19. Organize your blog posts under relevant categories and tags. It helps your readers to quickly find a post.

20. Connect your similar posts through internal linking. It is a perfect method to improve your domain authority, page authority, search engine and reduce the bounce rate.

21. Most of our visitors are coming from smartphones and tabs. Check whether your website is mobile-friendly or not. If your template is not optimized for the mobiles, switch to a better mobile-friendly theme.

22. The visitors will go away if your blog takes a long time to load. Take a speed test of your website with Google or Pingdom and identify the reasons for slow loading. Optimize your theme, database and images to speed up the blog & boost traffic and ranking.

23. Google delivers Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) version of your blog on mobile devices. Know more about AMP and do needful to maintain mobile traffic.

24. Take regular backups of your website.

25. Secure your website with strong passwords, security plugins, and tips.

26. Fetch your post links in Google Search Console and monitor crawl errors that Google bots receive from your blog. Know how to fix 404 page not found errors in this post.

27. Identify and fix your spelling, grammatical errors with Grammarly extension.

28. Add a Contact form to your blog. So readers and clients can contact you for feedback, inquiries, etc.

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