How to Automatically Post Your Tweets to Facebook

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post tweets facebook

Twitter and Facebook are our favorite social networks. We use both for building relations as well as promoting the contents. What do you think about managing both sites at the same time and even without going to your Facebook account?

I mean the process of sharing your Twitter updates automatically on Facebook page or profile. You can do that in a couple of ways. This strategy will satisfy a large number of your followers at once and make them updated with a single tweet.

Best Twitter to Facebook Apps

These are the popular methods to connect your Twitter account to Facebook.

1. Facebook Connect

post tweets facebook

This is a default Twitter feature. Connect it to Facebook to automatically share tweets to your Facebook profile and page. You can include or exclude retweets from the sharing.

  • Sign in to your Twitter account
  • Tap your small profile image from the top menu
  • Choose Settings and Privacy from the drop down box
  • Select Apps from the left sidebar
  • You will find Facebook Connect in the beginning. Tap Connect.
  • Grant necessary permissions and customize the sharing options like including retweets, select pages, etc
  • Done.


We mentioned about IFTTT recipes a couple of times earlier. The web service can be used to post various kinds of tweets on Facebook.

It includes:

  1. Post all your tweets on Facebook
  2. Share your tweets on Facebook when you use a specific hashtag

An applet lets you post either on Facebook wall or page at a time. Browse the library and use the applets of your choice. If you are unable to find one, create your own from this link.

post tweets facebook

  • Click + icon to choose your first service. In our case, Twitter.
  • Choose your trigger. Select the service type according to your requirement.
  • Customize your trigger fields. It will ask you whether to include retweets, replies on the auto posting.
  • Now you will get a new screen like this,

post tweets facebook

  • Tap the new + icon to choose your action service and here, Facebook.
  • Select the second option, Create a link post.
  • Manage your action fields by including and excluding ingredients on the proposed Facebook posts.
  • Tap Create Action button and Finish, finally.

3. Selective Tweets

Selective Tweets is a Facebook app to automatically share your specific tweets on Facebook. It will continuously monitor your Twitter account and if any tweet found with a #fb, immediately share it on Facebook.

  • Sign in to Facebook with your user id and password
  • Open Selective Tweets from this page
  • Grant app permissions and fill up the required fields
  • Tap Pages tab
  • Choose the desired page for auto-posting (other than your profile)
  • Enter your Twitter username next to it
  • Done.

The app can share tweets with #fb only, so don’t forget to include this hashtag in your tweets. These tools are useful to reduce your social media marketing burden and time which can be diverted for other tasks.

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