How to Automatically Post New Instagram Photos to WordPress

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Instragram to WordPress

Both WordPress and Instagram are our favorite tools. We can use them together to boost social media influence and divert traffic to the contents. Do you know how?

As you know, photo stories can divert massive traffic to your website. An attractive image encourages readers to click on the link to fetch more details. Instagram is most popular among photo sharing sites and if you have a good number of followers there, your website traffic will naturally increase. But it is difficult to get the followers especially if you are new to the network and made less number of posts. Is there any solution to grow your blog and Instagram together?

Of course. Automatically post your Instagram photos to WordPress. It will help you to convert website readers to Instagram followers and vice versa. With the increase in Instagram followers, you will get more traffic from the social site.

In this post, we’ll tell you two best tools to automatically post Instagram photos to WordPress.

1. Custom Feeds for Instagram

How to Automatically Post New Instagram Photos to WordPress 1

Custom Feeds for Instagram is a simple, popular plugin to automatically post new Instagram photos to WordPress. It allows you to display photos from any non-private Instagram accounts either in a single feed or in multiple feeds.

The plugin is customizable in terms of image height, width, number of photos, number of columns, background color and more. It delivers output in highly responsive and mobile-ready layouts. So the users can view high definition images from any device they use. The feed also comes with a follow button on Instagram. It is a great tool to increase your followers as well as social media engagement.

After activation, collect your Instagram access token and enter user ID to start using the plugin.

Visit Plugin


Instagram Photos WordPress

IFTTT is free web-based service automation. It will create a chain of actions based on the conditional statements we assigned, called applets. IFTTT can be used for purposes like home management, communication, machine learning, shopping, power monitoring, blogging, social media marketing and more.

Visit IFTTT and sign in with your Google or Facebook account to start using. After signing in, search for Instagram service and authorize IFTTT to access your account. Once your Instagram account is successfully connected, you can either use already created applets or create a new one.

Visit this link to create a new applet. Tap the blue color ‘+’ button to choose your first service. It is Instagram in our case.

How to Automatically Post New Instagram Photos to WordPress 3

After selection, it will ask you to choose a trigger.

Instagram Photos WordPress

Choose the first trigger to automatically post all your new photos to WordPress. Tap the second ‘+’ to choose action service.

Search for WordPress and connect it to IFTTT.

Now you have to choose an action.

Instagram Photos WordPress

Choose the second action – Create a photo post in this case. You will get a new screen where you can customize photo post and ingredients to it like categories, source URL, embed code, etc.

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