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How to Attain Immense Popularity on Facebook

How to Attain Immense Popularity on Facebook

Well, Facebook fame seems to be a new big thing on the planet! The reason behind this is certainly the immense buzz of this social media platform. Whether he or she is being a teenager or someone in his or her 40s, the word Facebook seems to be quite common for one and all! And, to become popular on this social media platform, people generate interesting posts which get predominantly featured on other’s feeds.

But, are you lagging the desired level of popularity on Facebook? I mean, are you not getting more likes and comments on your statuses? Having a less number of followers?

Then, you’re definitely not putting the right efforts at the right place. And, you need to make a move soon to change the scenario for the better. There are some rules of creating content and promotion on social media. Want to know how to attain anticipated popularity on Facebook? Then, just read ahead!

 1. Encourage Exciting and Interesting Contents

When it comes to exciting or awe-inspiring posts then it can generate various positive emotional responses. For example, the short and sweet posts about an amazing experience that you had in past could be popular or the links to innumerable enticing articles that you’ve noticed will be something unique and wonderful.

2. Make The Posts Visually Appealing

When it comes to popularity then photos reign supreme. People find such posts more attractive which include photos, and videos in them. Also, the quality of such photos and videos matters a lot. It’s because nobody will find it great to go through some blur photos! Right?

Popularity Facebook

So, always post clear images and don’t forget to crop the photos for aesthetic purposes before you decide to post. Moreover, make sure that you are tagging other people who are appearing in the photos that you are going to post.

3. Post at The Right Time

You might quibble but as I can see Facebook is great for weekends, Instagram is for all your dinner outs and vacations, and Twitter is on weekdays. Moreover, it has been noticed that if someone posts on Facebook during the week then you are more supposed to get reactions between 6 pm and 9 pm when people are generally home from work and are usually web noodling. So, ensure that you are keeping an eye on the clock while you use Facebook.

4. Ask Captivating Queries

If you want to gain huge reactions to your posts then it is a good idea to ask some compelling questions to your friends on Facebook. The queries from your end like what’s the movie a mom should watch with her daughter? What are the secrets of a strong and lasting relationship? and so on would definitely let you attain great reactions on your posts.

People definitely like to feel smart while being weighed with good answers. All in all, questions could be a fantastic way to rack up comment mileage like never before and let you be popular on Facebook.

5. Pace Your Facebook Statuses

Just keep in mind that you’re not supposed to clog posts from other people! If you post more than twice a day then you’ll notice a downturn in LSCs. So, always ensure that you are spacing up your posts so that they finally end up coming up in every three or four days.

Yes! That’s absolutely enough to let people know that you are active in the community but rather not at all annoying. Also, if you would not post anything for a couple of weeks or so and then ultimately come up with a photo or link which is worth posting then Facebook will shower with immense love that will go through the roof.

6. Accentuate Your Photos

You should definitely sweeten your photos before posting on Facebook. It will let you get more and more LSCs. For example, the giant chili dog that you are going to eat will obviously look perfect and get a huge number of LSCs if you’re posting the picture on Facebook after blurring and antiquing it in all the perfectly right ways first.

7. Post and Then Don’t Forget to Delete

If a post from you is not getting more LSCs within half an hour then it is smart to delete it. Well, although Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm is nothing but a top secret, still it is crystal clear that posts which will get the maximum number of likes and comments within the first half an hour will definitely skyrocket.

Winding Up

To become acclaimed on Facebook could be something not so tough! You just need to take the aforementioned proven strides and thus you’ll become the Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie of this awesome social media platform in no time!

About Author:

Neil Helson is the marketing manager at Blurbpoint Media, SEO, SMM and digital marketing company. He is passionate in helping small businesses and start ups grow online.

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