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How to Assign Colors and Background Image in Excel

Microsoft excel tips

In this short guide, we’ll tell you how to assign a font color, fill color and background image in Microsoft Excel.

Assign colors in your Excel worksheet

Open your worksheet.

Make sure that you are within the Home tab of the navigation menu where you can manage various parts of a text like font type, size, format, alignment, and color.

excel tips

Click inside a cell to quickly manage its individual properties.

Click on the drop-down arrow, next to the Font color button to set a color for your texts. If you are not satisfied with the theme or standard colors, hit More Colors option on the bottom to create your own color combination.

Follow the same method to set your background color too.

Set a background image for your entire worksheet

Click Page Layout menu from the navigation bar.

Hit the Background button on the top.

Choose an image from your local storage.

excel tips

The image will be successfully placed as the background image for your worksheet. Adjust the font and fill colors if needed. If you want to change or delete the existing image, hit the Delete Background button first on the top. To replace it with a new picture, repeat the above-mentioned steps.

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