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5 Best Apps to Increase Your Twitter Followers Fast

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Best Apps to Increase Your Twitter Followers Fast

Want to increase your Twitter followers?

Twitter is a great platform to make serious conversations and build a strong community around your website. The number of your active followers, engagement rate, and interactions will influence the success of your campaigns and business growth. So people are keen to expand their Twitter network even by paying the money.

There are several websites and agencies who are selling Twitter followers for a cheaper rate from $1. But those fake followers won’t give you any benefit other than the loss of money. They will neither retweet your tweets nor engage with you in any way.

At the same time, a real follower can favorite your tweets, retweet and respond to them. This process will strengthen your relationships and boost the engagement rate of your social media campaigns.

Best Apps to increase your Twitter followers

In this article, we’ll show you 5 best apps to get Twitter followers fast and grow the audience.

1. Audiense

Best Apps to Increase Your Twitter Followers Fast

Audiense is a premium tool for social media monitoring and Twitter followers management. It offers several options to discover Twitter users and filter the results based on various factors. Search users by keyword and location to find the right people you want.

Audiense will show you thousands of profiles which can be filtered again by their influence rate, number of followers, following ratio, account age, number of tweets, last activity and much more. It also allows you to refine the accounts by language, country, gender, profiles with URL, verified users or create custom filters to find the desired accounts. You can follow or unfollow them right from the app’s interface.

On the top side, you will get some other options to quickly view your reciprocal follows, people not following back, influencers, etc. In short, Audiense is a perfect tool to discover and increase your Twitter followers within a few days.

2. Commun.itBest Apps to Increase Your Twitter Followers Fast

Commun.it is a free app to gain more Twitter followers and expand your network. It comes with a single dashboard to do everything on the social site like schedule posts, manage followers, and engage with your audience.

Commun.it will show your major influencers and other supporters along with the engagements they created, number of followers and tweets. You can easily retweet their tweets, send a reply or send an acknowledgment message to all of them every day- right from the app.

Top article section is another main feature of the app. See trending articles in each category and share them even automatically on your network easily. It also allows you to find the most viral tweets from your network and retweet them in one click. With all these tools and features, Commun.it will help you to gain more Twitter followers and improve your influence rate.


Best Apps to Increase Your Twitter Followers Fast

IFTTT is a great tool to automate technology-related tasks and boost your career. Whether you are a blogger or a digital marketer, it has several applets to enhance your engagement and traffic. The web service is free and works with changes that occur between two web services one after another.

IFTTT offers various kinds of applets to schedule tweets and engages your audience. So you can post contents or thank new followers at the exact time without access to your Twitter or any other app.

Some popular IFTTT applets for Twitter users are,

Explore IFTTT’s collections to find applets you need and boost your engagements and get new followers on Twitter.

4. TweetDeck

Best Apps to Increase Your Twitter Followers Fast

TweetDeck is a popular free app to schedule posts and monitor your network activities in real time. It lets you know what’s going on your community and respond to the latest events as they appear right from the dashboard.

TweetDeck allows you to favorite, retweet or sends replies to the tweets you like. It has a column-style layout to display various things like notifications, messages, mentions, and many others in your feed. So you will get quick information if someone raises any questions about your services or mentions you on Twitter. The friendly approach and timely response have key roles in promoting the business and gaining new followers. Answer queries and interacts with your potential clients to encourage them to follow you on Twitter.

It combines messages and mentions you receive on all Twitter accounts in one place. Thus TweetDeck simplifies your Twitter management further easier through built-in features and tools.

5. Tweepi

Best Apps to Increase Your Twitter Followers Fast

Tweepi is another popular app to manage your account and find new followers on Twitter. It lets you track your mentions, retweets, and favorites to stay connected with your audience.

Competitor tracking is one of the main features of Tweepi. Monitor up to 25 competitors or hashtags to keep up with the changes and hack the growth strategies you need. In several ways, you can target new followers and expand your community using Tweepi. If you want to find new users from a certain area, target them by location and language and then analyze their follow ratio to take a decision on following or not.

The app will recommend you to follow certain users based on the hashtags and competitor accounts you entered. Twitter unfollow and reply recommendations are other parts of the tool to clean your inactive followers and create an emerging social media community.

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