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4 Best Apps to Increase Your Twitter Followers Fast

twitter followers

” 1000 Twitter followers for $ 5 “

We often see these kinds of advertisements on the web. There are several websites and agencies who are selling Twitter followers for a cheaper rate from $ 1. But those fake followers won’t give you any benefit other than the loss of money. They will not help you to improve social media engagement, your influence rate, traffic, and sales. Still, do you want to buy the fake followers and display a big number in the list?

10 real followers are more beneficial than 1000 bot followers. A real follower can like your tweets, retweet and respond to them. This process will strengthen your relationships and boost the engagement rate of your social media campaigns.

In this article, we’ll show you 4 best apps to get Twitter followers fast and grow the audience.

1. Audiense

twitter followers

Audiense is a premium tool for social media monitoring and Twitter followers management. It offers several options to discover Twitter users and filter the results based on various factors. Search users by keyword and location to find the right people you want.

Audiense will show you thousands of profiles which can be filtered again by their influence rate, number of followers, following ratio, account age, number of tweets, last activity and much more. It also allows you to refine the accounts by language, country, gender, profiles with URL, verified users or create custom filters to find the desired accounts. You can follow or unfollow them right from the app’s interface.

On the top side, you will get some other options to quickly view your reciprocal follows, people not following back, influencers etc. In short, Audiense is a perfect tool to discover and increase your Twitter followers within a few days.

2. Crowdfire

twitter followers

Crowdfire is a free app for Twitter users. We mentioned it as one of the top tools to manage your Twitter unfollowers in this post. But it also provides a number of quick ways to find potential new followers on the social network. You can monitor the Twitter accounts of your competitors, analyze their followers to improve your audience strength.

Sign into your Crowdfire account, visit Copy Followers menu from the left pane. Add similar Twitter accounts to the list of competitors who share common tastes and interests with you. Crowdfire will automatically show their followers on your dashboard along with their biography, number of tweets, followers and following. If interested, you can quickly follow them to expand the network.

Keyword Followers is another major part where you can find new users by keyword and location. Crowdfire will display the list of Twitter accounts that match your query. Like I said above, you can follow them in a single click which is a great strategy to get real followers on Twitter.

3. Statusbrew

twitter followers

Statusbrew is a popular app to discover new Twitter followers and unfollow unfollowers. Similar to Audiense and Crowdfire, it also allows you to search users by keyword and location. All these tools reduce your efforts in expanding the social media community and find the real accounts that belong to your industry or interests.

Statusbrew has recently updated their design and look. Now it has a more stylish look which will make you addictive to the app. You can search a user by name, track mentions, follow your top influencers and much more with the app.

4. Commun.it

twitter followers

Commun.it shares a couple of ways to engage your influencers and others who mentioned you on Twitter over a period. It will display top tweets in your community that you can instantly retweet and build a strong relationship with the users who engaged in them. It will suggest you send a reply to the mentions, messages for growing the network or followers.

Commun.it showcases your major influencers along with the engagements they created, number of followers and tweets. You can easily retweet their tweets, send a reply or send an acknowledgment message to all of them every day- right from the app.

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