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Agora Pulse Review: Overview, Features & Ratings

Agora Pulse Review

We are familiar with the term social media marketing now. It is the process of efficiently promoting our products and services among billions of internet users with a professional touch and standard environment. Do you think any major business can survive in these days without marketing their products to social media users?

Nope. Even industrial giants like Google, Apple, Facebook spends millions of dollars each year on digital advertising. Assume what will happen if they cut short their budget or stop promoting the products.

They will lose the business and the competitors will get the benefit from it. Neither business nor service wants it to happen.

A social media marketing tool is not just for promotions. It should carefully monitor the growth of your campaigns, analyze the audience, track click rates and replan the strategies based on the reports generated.

I mentioned a number of social media management tools earlier. Agora Pulse is one among them. I am using it for more than a year and quite impressed with the features and services they provide.

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Overview of AgoraPulse Features

✶ Easy to use✶ Automated moderation workflow
✶ Beautiful design and interface✶ Efficient team management
✶ Scheduled posts per profile (Unlimited)✶ Real-time collaboration
✶ Social media monitoring✶ Categorize and tag audience for easy tracking
✶ Social media listening✶ Facebook apps
✶ Social media inbox✶ Google Chrome extension
✶ Track mentions and keywords✶ Android app
✶ Unlimited reports✶ iOS app
✶ Competitor analysis
✶ Ads monitoring
✶ Content recycling

1. Design

Agora Pulse Review

Agora Pulse has redesigned the look of their dashboard recently. It is stylish and elegant where you can create campaigns, monitor, manage team members, assign tasks to them and much more.

After signing in, connect all your social accounts to Agora Pulse for promotions. It supports Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube at this moment. They told me last week that more networks and functionalities will be added within a few weeks.

2. Publishing

Agora Pulse makes social media posting much easier. Hit the orange color Publish button on the top to create your post.

You will get a screen like this,

Agora Pulse Review

Select desired social media accounts from the left pane, enter your message and campaign link in the content area. The post preview will be shown on the right side of the screen for each network. Upload custom photos, videos, emoticons if needed.

Set a schedule and click on Publish finally.

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3. Inbox & Reports

Agora Pulse monitors and collects all comments, messages you receive in social media pages and display them in one place. You can either respond or send it to thrash. This feature encourages you to make timely interactions with the fans and boost the engagement rate which is essential in growing your followers’ strength.

The reports menu displays your campaign statistics like how much fans you got during a particular period, how much items published, their individual as well as overall engagement rate, impressions, clicks etc.

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4. Apps

Apps is another part of the tool. It is exclusively for Facebook business pages to run contests, quiz, sweepstakes, instant win games, and others. With all these tools and features, Agora Pulse takes serious efforts to promote your products and social media accounts either.

It has dedicated apps for Android, iOS devices, and Google Chrome browser.

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Agora Pulse Review: Overview, Features & Ratings
Agora Pulse Review: Overview, Features & Ratings 1
We are familiar with the term social media marketing now. It is the process of efficiently promoting our products and services among billions of internet u
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