The 10 Reasons Why You Should Go for Premium Themes in WordPress

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WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) and blogging platform on the web. Ease of use is the main reason why people build their websites with WordPress architecture. Its popularity and open-source functionality encourage developers to create themes and plugins of various kinds.

If you are new to blogging, google for ‘free WordPress themes’, you will get thousands of resources. You may wonder why people are going for premium themes even though thousands of free themes are available which we can use without spending anything. Well, it’s a reasonable question to ask.

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Top Reasons for Choosing WordPress Premium Themes

Free themes are enough in the beginning stage. In such a situation, you may not have money to invest in premium products. Free themes have their own limitations or disadvantages. This post shares 10 top reasons for why should you choose premium WordPress themes over free themes.

1. Quality

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A clean look of your pages will attract more readers. Premium themes are developed by web designing companies and professionals who know the industry very well. They will have separate staffs for HTML, CSS coding, SEO, PHP, and Java programming. This professional approach helps developing companies to produce a unique, world-class template for their customers.

2. Speed

A website should not make the visitors wait for a long time to load the contents. It should open quickly irrespective of the device types people use. Premium themes are highly optimized for computer, smartphone, and tablet. So you won’t lose readers because of the slow speed issue. But free themes may not be compatible with smartphones from which you get about 60% of the web traffic nowadays. If your pages are not opening quickly, readers will leave the site within a few moments. It will affect both your search engine rankings and bounce rate.

3. SEO

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A theme design has a major role in search engine optimization. Lots of free WordPress themes are created by amateurs who may not have deep coding knowledge, which may harm your search engine rankings. But premium themes are developed by a team of experts who are proficient in design, optimization, and coding. So they are developing themes not just for humans but for search engines too.

4. Customization

Unlike free themes, Premium users will get excellent customization options in their admin panel. You can change or modify anything in the template without playing with codes. Change theme layouts and color, add new widget blocks, set custom sidebars for each page type, show the built-in slider, show or hide various fields, and do much more with a premium theme subscription.

5. Security

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As you know, WordPress is one of the main targets of cybercriminals. We download free themes from unknown unsecured places. It is very dangerous. Hackers can insert hacking scripts in the theme code which will negatively affect your website later. Avoid downloading themes and plugins from strange sources. Download them either from the WordPress library or secured marketplaces to prevent security risks.

6. Unique Identity

Premium themes will give a unique identity to your blog. Many of us can quickly identify a website merely seeing the theme in use. Building an identity is essential to run your business successfully. Find a premium theme of your choice, buy, and install. It will represent you in the cyber world. What do you think?

7. 24*7 Support

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What will you do if you are facing any theme related issues?

Free user- You should search for the solutions in online forums. But we can’t trust the information provided on such sources. Free theme developers may not respond to your queries and most of them deliver support to the premium users only.

Paid user- You will get round the clock support from the developers. Contact them by email, social media, and premium forums and your issues will be solved within maximum 24 hours.

8. Advanced features

This is a competitive world. There are several premium theme developers in the market. They are keen to introduce modern features and advanced tools to their customers. Some developers offer themes along with their own premium plugins which will add more value to your efforts. Such an all-in-one package will reduce your burden in searching for plugins to handle various tasks.

Thrive Themes subscription provides access to all their products including themes and plugins. They have a good collection of high responsive themes and plugins like Thrive Leads (email list building), Thrive Architect (visual editor), Headline Optimizer, Thrive Comments, and others to supercharge your website and boost the business.

9. Regular Updates

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Regular update is mandatory for all online products to meet the latest technology standards and handle hacking attempts. Premium developers will update their products at frequent intervals to add new features and fix security vulnerabilities. But free themes are opposite to that. They may not be updated after the initial release. I saw many free themes that are updated long back. Do you want to cost your online business or blog by using an outdated theme?

10. Theme ownership

Free theme developers usually ask you to insert their links and copyright note on the template. Such information may affect your business’s credibility. Sometimes those links are pointing to malicious or spammy websites. Google will consistently check your external links and penalize your site if any bad links found.

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