The 35+ Best Cloud Storage and Backup Services for 2019

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Cloud storage

We store huge amount of data on our electronic devices. It may be some important work files, photos, videos, movies and so on. But disaster may happen anytime. It may be in the way of a virus attack, hard disk failure, mobile theft or damage. Are you prepared to overcome such a sudden, unexpected situation?

Cloud storage account is very essential nowadays. It can be used to store our important data in a secure cloud vault. Most of us have an account in leading cloud services like Dropbox and Google Drive. But Dropbox offers just 2 GB of free usage. However, Google gives a better option than this. Thanks to the social giant as it offers 15 GB free space for all users. These two accounts together might be enough if you are storing just photos and important documents. But what about others? There’re several online writers, small-scale business houses and other professionals who need to store a high amount of data in the cloud.

Of course, they can go for premium plans of Dropbox and Google Drive. But it will be difficult for them if not having sufficient budget to pay their monthly or annual charges. A number of some other cloud storage services are available for them to save any type of file on the web. They will give you up to 10 TB of free space without spending a single penny.

Best Cloud Storage Services 2019

Here we list top 35+ cloud storage services in 2019 (probably all available services right now) ordered by the free storage space.

We divided them into two- Free and Premium. Free cloud services offer premium plans as well. However, premium services closed their doors towards free users and provide extra benefits including backup, dedicated customer support and many more to the subscribers.

You have to perform some additional tasks like install apps, invite friends to sign up, etc to get the mentioned free storage, in numerous services. But it won’t be a big hurdle for you. Overall, they all will give you a totally free space of 10,400 GB! Really huge!


Free Cloud Storage Services

Free StoragePremium plans from (Monthly)
1Tencent-Weiyun10 TB
2Degoo100 GB$ 2.99
3Mega50 GB$ 5.65
4Media Fire50 GB $ 3.75
5Hubic 25 GB$ 1
6PCloud10 GB$ 3.99
7Yandex Disk20 GB$ 2
8Google Drive15 GB$ 1.99
9FlipDrive10 GB$ 5
10Box10 GB$ 11.50
11Syncplicity10 GB$5
12HiDrive10 GB$ 7.78
13One Drive5 GB$ 1.99
14Sync5 GB$ 10
15iDrive5 GB$ 52/ year
16Open Drive5 GB$ 9.95
17Amazon S35 GB$ 0.023/GB
18iCloud5 GB$ 0.99
19SafeCopy5 GB$ 8
20Amazon Drive5 GB$ 11.99/year
21Dropbox2 GB$ 9.99
22Jumpshare2 GB$ 8.25
23Just Cloud1 GB$ 10.69
 10,400 GB

After registering on all these cloud storage services, your free cloud space will be increased to a huge 10,400 GB as I said earlier. It is more than enough to store all your contents in the cloud. Accessing them at a later time is not a matter as most of them have dedicated apps for Android and iOS devices. So you can save, access and restore them from anywhere until if you have no issues with the net.

We have discussed free cloud storage services until the last moment. Now we are going to see the premium storage/backup services which will work as cloud storage as well as back up solutions. They are ideal to backup your computer data in the cloud and restore them later when something bad happened with the system. So we can treat them like backup services for personal and business purposes.


Premium Cloud/Backup Services

Basic plan charges (Monthly)
1Carbonite$ 59.99/year
2Live Drive$ 48/year
3Sugar Sync$ 7.49
4Tresorit$ 10.45
5SOS Online Backup$ 4.99
6Spideroak$ 6
7ADrive$ 2.50
8Backblaze$ 6
9Zoolz$ 39.95/year
10Oracle$ 0.024/GB
11Cloud Me$ 1
12Google Cloud
13Acronis$24.86/one time fee

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