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4 Effective Ways to Promote Your Blog Posts with Twitter


Do you know how to use Twitter to effectively promote your contents?

Twitter is one of the best places to promote products and articles. It is easy to use and ranked as one of the ten most visited websites in a recent study. There are several ways to promote your contents on Twitter.

1. Tweets

 Tweet your posts at the peak time of the region from where most of your readers reside. People have a tendency to access their social media icons in between 9am to 10am, 12pm to 2pm and 5pm to 6pm. But it may vary by countries, cities, and other localities. Find the peak time of your traffic source and post or schedule your tweets during the period to get maximum exposure and user clicks.

2. Mentioning  people and brands

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Mentioning is another way to improve your blog traffic. On Twitter, you can mention anyone regardless of whether they are following you or not. Find username of the accounts whom you are going to mention and add their name preceded by @.

Brand mention is a working strategy especially when you are making a review or a list post like ‘top 10 content marketing tools’. Tweet to those brands who are mentioned in your post. They may like and retweet your shares which will bring more traffic to your site.

3. Twitter marketing

Promote your posts through social media marketing tools. Run regular Twitter campaigns, respond to the comments, and analyze the statistics to get everything out of Twitter. Premium tools will provide valuable insights on your tweets reachability, user engagements and post clicks.

Hashtag tracking is another effective method to monitor the latest trending topics and connect them to your posts. If you have a similar content, immediately share it with a trending hashtag to drive traffic.

4. Twitter cards


Twitter Cards let you share the posts in a rich format. A tweet with a large image will get a sudden attention of the users. Cards are highly responsive and will give a professional look to your Twitter posts. It’s proved that Twitter cards will get more retweets than the regular tweets.

Twitter cards can be easily implemented in any website or blog. Choose your card type, add meta tags to the page, and starts using it for promotions. If you are a WordPress user, Yoast SEO will help you to insert Twitter card meta data without editing the theme files.

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