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The 40 Famous First Tweets from the World’s Most Influential People

The 40 Famous First Tweets from the World's Most Influential People

Twitter is one of the best platforms to interact, respond, and build relations. The microblogging site has more than 336 million monthly active users and it is known for the effective business promotions as well as brand mentions at this moment.

Our world leaders, celebrities, activists and others are very active on Twitter. They share important updates and respond to the incidents through the social media platform. It will be interesting to know their microblogging statistics and first tweet they made.

1. Jeff Bezos  @JeffBezos

Joined: July 2008

Followers: 678K

Tweets: 177

2. Tim Cook  @tim_cook

Joined: July 2013

Followers: 11M

Tweets: 620

3. Donald Trump  @RealDonaldTrump

Joined: March 2009

Followers: 55.1M

Tweets: 39.3K

4. Vladimir Putin @PutinRF_Eng

Joined: November 2012

Followers: 999K

Tweets: 2,069

5. Justin Bieber @justinbieber

Joined: March 2009

Followers: 105M

Tweets: 30.5K

6.Katy Perry  @katyperry

Joined: February 2009

Followers: 108M

Tweets: 9,294

7. Lady Gaga  @ladygaga

Joined: March 2008

Followers: 77.6M

Tweets: 8,849

8. Jackie Chan  @EyeOfJackieChan

Joined: January 2010

Followers: 1.41M

Tweets: 2,395

9. Twitter @twitter

Joined: February 2007

Followers: 57.9M

Tweets: 7,603

10.Tom Hanks @tomhanks

Joined: June 2009

Followers: 15.4M

Tweets: 865

11. Barak Obama @BarackObama

Joined: March 2007

Followers: 103M

Tweets: 15.5K

12. Dalai Lama @DalaiLama

Joined: February 2009

Followers: 18.9M

Tweets: 1,400

13. Emmanuel Macron  @EmmanuelMacron

Joined: October 2013

Followers: 3.27M

Tweets: 7,557

14. Pope Francis  @Pontifex

Joined: February 2012

Followers: 17.9M

Tweets: 1,720

15. Pele  @pele

Joined: February 2012

Followers: 2.62M

Tweets: 2,422

16. Julia Gillard   @JuliaGillard

Joined: October 2009

Followers: 811K

Tweets: 3,174

17. Benjamin Netanyahu  @netanyahu

Joined: October 2008

Followers: 1.41M

Tweets: 3,725

18. Neymar JR  @neymarjr

Joined: June 2010

Followers: 41.4M

Tweets: 41.3K

19. Rafael Nadal   @RafaelNadal

Joined: July 2011

Followers: 15.6M

Tweets: 2,724

20. Britney Spears  @britneyspears

Joined: September 2008

Followers: 56.9M

Tweets: 5,568

21. Christiano Ronaldo  @Cristiano

Joined: June 2010

Followers: 75.5M

Tweets: 3,277

22. Sachin Tendulkar  @sachin_rt

Joined: April 2010

Followers: 27.4M

Tweets: 2,373

23. Hillary Clinton  @HillaryClinton

Joined: April 2013

Followers: 23.6M

Tweets: 10.4K

24. Bill Gates  @BillGates

Joined: June 2009

Followers: 46.2M

Tweets: 2,851

25. Oprah Winfrey  @Oprah

Joined: January2009

Followers: 42M

Tweets: 12.6K

26. Facebook  @facebook

Joined: March 2007

Followers: 13.7M

Tweets: 11.1K

 27. Shakira  @shakira

Joined: June 2009

Followers: 51.1M

Tweets: 5,918

28. Taylor Swift  @taylorswift13

Joined: December 2008

Followers: 84M

Tweets: 100

29. Yudhoyono  @SBYudhoyono

Joined: March 2013

Followers: 9.89M

Tweets: 4,759

30. Narendra Modi  @narendramodi

Joined: January 2009

Followers: 44.3M

Tweets: 20.8K

31. Jack  @jack

Joined: March 2006

Followers: 4.11M

Tweets: 24.5K

32. Youtube   @Youtube

Joined: November 2007

Followers: 71.5M

Tweets: 22.8K

33. Serena Williams   @serenawilliams

Joined: March 2009

Followers: 11M

Tweets: 14.3K

34. Emma Watson  @EmmaWatson

Joined: July 2010

Followers: 28.9M

Tweets: 1,654

35. Paris Hilton  @parishilton

Joined: March 2009

Followers: 17.4M

Tweets: 16K

36. Louis Tomlinson  @Louis_Tomlinson

Joined: October 2009

Followers: 33.4M

Tweets: 6,551

 37. Hugh Jackman  @RealHughJackman

Joined: March 2009

Followers: 12.9M

Tweets: 3,368

38. Amitabh Bachchan  @SrBachchan

Joined: May 2010

Followers: 35.4M

Tweets: 63.2K

39. Leonardo DiCaprio  @LeoDiCaprio

Joined: April 2010

Followers: 19M

Tweets: 1,416

40. Sathya Nadella @satyanadella

Joined: February 2009

Followers: 1.77M

Tweets: 854

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