33 Best Twitter Tools You should Use in 2019

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16. TwitLonger

Twitter apps

TwitLonger is a free Twitter tool to post lengthier tweets. Just type as much as you want. TwitLonger will automatically save your content under a short link and by clicking on it, users can read the full post.

17. Dlvr.it

It lets you share new blog posts automatically to Twitter using an RSS feed. You can schedule the tweet as soon as you publish the content or at a later time.

18. Triberr


Find interesting posts from other members, tweet or share them in your social account, thus connect with top influencers in your field. Triberr-like communities works on the principle of giving and take policy. You will get re-tweets naturally, which will ultimately boost your traffic.

19. Crowdfire

Crowdfire is one of the best free Twitter tools to manage your promotions. It allows you to schedule tweets, analyze the growth of your social media campaigns, track and respond to mentions, etc.

20. Twitter Unfollow

Twitter Unfollow

It is a Chrome extension to clean up your Twitter following list. After activation, go to https://twitter.com/following page. It will display all your following accounts. Click the Mass unfollow button to unfollow all of them.

21. Tweetwally

Tweetwally is another free of Twitter tools to beautify your profile. It converts your profile into a wall and lets you design the theme according to your tastes. Not only that. Here you can search tweets by hashtags, keywords, mentions or from a certain user too.

22. Twubs

Register a particular name as a hashtag with Twubs. You can view, manage all posts that contain your hashtags from a customizable feed. It gives you the full control to block certain users, words or even delete posts from the feed. Twubs is best suitable for events, conferences, organizations, and gaming like products.

23. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a widely acclaimed social media management solution for businesses. You can monitor Twitter trends and hashtags and schedule posts at the optimal time from any device you use. It is a great tool to create and manage campaigns on all leading social sites to promote your business.

24. Twitter Account home

Twitter account

This is the official analytics of your Twitter account in the last 28 days. You can check how many tweets you made during this period, how many tweet impressions or mentions you got. It will show your most popular tweet each month along with the number of impressions that earned. This is an awesome tool every user should try.

25. Socialbearing


Socialbearing is one of the most powerful Twitter tools to get everything from your account. It will divide tweets based on several conditions like type, source, score, hashtags, website links, words you used, etc. The app shows a detailed analysis of each and every tweet including a number of reaches, retweet rate, engagements and more.

26. Nuzzel


Find what your friends reading now or trending topics among them. It will help you to go through the Nuzzle feeds of your friends and featured feeds of other Twitter users too.

27. Hashtagify

Hashtagify is a cute tool to find related tags of a particular hashtag. Suppose you are searching for ‘Twitter’, it will show the top 10 hashtags related to Twitter, top influencers and tweets that contain the given tag.

28. Twitonomy

Twitter analytics

Twitonomy is a simple Twitter analytics tool to get detailed statistics of anyone’s tweets, retweets, mentions, hashtags and more. It also allows you to monitor tweets from your favorite users, lists, keyword searches to spy on their social media activities. Track your followers, users most retweeted, users most replied to, and much more using this free Twitter tool.

29. TW Birthday

Find joining date of any Twitter user. It lets you discover their age in hours, days, months or years. The app will work even though the user hides joining date info from his profile.

30. CoSchedule


It is a WordPress plugin that encourages the readers to tweet about your post. CoSchedule will add a beautiful click to tweet boxes in your posts. Simple, but powerful to get more shares.

31. Revive Old Post

Revive Old Post is a popular plugin for WordPress sites to give life to old posts. It will share your content automatically to Twitter at predefined time intervals along with hashtags, images, etc.

32. Who Tweeted it First

Who Tweeted it First

Do you want to know who is tweeted a link or keyword first? This tool is designed for the purpose. Type your search and hit enter. It will dig into Twitter history and find the account who used your search term first.

33. MyTopTweets

Want to see most retweeted tweets of a Twitter user? If so, MyTopTweets is for you. Just enter the username of a Twitter account and it will show you his or her most retweeted tweets.

Are you using any Twitter tools to manage the account? Let us know through comments.

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