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20+ Charities with Inspirational Twitter Header Images

Twitter header images

We are going through a number of inspiring images or sights in each day. It may be on social networks, print media, TV or real life. Some images will give the effect of thousands of words in a single moment. A brilliant shot of poverty, war victims, child welfare or some other is enough to melt our heart or probably haunt our activities.

Thanks to Twitter. Similar to Facebook and Google+, we can use such images as a header in the micro-blogging site now. Users are limited to say maximum 140 letters there, but these pictures will definitely work more than that.

There are several charitable organizations which use their Twitter pages in the same way. For them, the header image is the best way to spread messages, promote events and to educate the people about what they are doing.

Some of them, that uses social media management more effectively in Twitter for charitable purpose, are given below.


Founded: December 16, 1946

Aim: Better life for children around the world.

Features: Kidnapped Nigerian girls

Twitter header images

2. Environmental Defense Fund @EnvDefenseFund

Founded: 1967

Aim: Solve serious environmental problems that affect our planet badly

Features: Pollution free earth

Twitter header images

3. Parkinson’s UK @ParkinsonsUK

Founded: 1969

Aim: Provide support for Parkinson’s patients

Features: Stress-free mind

Twitter header images

4. Greenpeace @Greenpeace

Founded: 1971

Aim: Protect environment and promote peace

Features: Polar bear in Arctic circle, whose population is gradually decreasing because of man hunting.
Twitter header images

5. Water.org @Water

Aim: Water for all, forever

Features: Drinking water

Twitter header images

6. Rotary International @rotary

Founded: 1905

Aim: Social service

Twitter header images

7. American Heart Association @American_Heart

Founded: 1924

Aim: Educate people about heart diseases

Features: Girl with  heart symbol on cheeks

Twitter header images

8. GlobalGiving @GlobalGiving

Founded: 2001

Aim: Social service with full of solutions

Features:  Children in happy mood, confidence

Twitter header images

9. PETA @peta

Founded: 1980

Aim: Fight against the killing of animals, experiments on them

Twitter header images


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10. UN Refugee Agency @Refugees

Founded: 1947

Aim: Provide vital aide, support to the refugees around the world

Twitter header images

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11. Child’s i Foundation @childsi

Aim: Unite abandoned children with their families

Twitter header images

12. AmnestyInternational @amnesty

Founded: 1961

Aim: Stop abuse of human rights

Features: People from different origins

Twitter header images

13. LIVESTRONG @livestrong

Founded: 1997

Aim: Improve the life of cancer patients and survivors.

Twitter header images

14. TigerTime @TigerTimeNow

Founded: 2011

Aim: Protect wild tigers from hunting

Twitter header images

15. Alzheimer’s Assoc. @alzassociation

Founded: 1980

Aim:  Alzheimer’s care

Twitter header images

16. Macmillan Cancer @macmillancancer


Aim: Cancer support

Twitter header images

17. DoSomething.org @dosomething

Founded: 1993

Aim: Social service

Twitter header images

18. WWF @WWF

Founded: April 29, 1961

Aim: Save animals

Twitter header images

19. World Food Programme @WFP

Founded: 1961

Aim: Fighting hunger

Twitter header images

20. Oceana @Oceana

Founded: 2001

Aim: Working hard to protect oceans and related species

Twitter header images

21. Initiative 4 Global Development @IGDleaders

Aim: To fight against poverty in Africa with business growth and investment

Twitter header images

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