15+ Must Follow Twitter Accounts for IT Professionals (Updated)

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Nowadays Social media plays an important role in job searches. Major recruiters simply tweet or post the requirements on LinkedIn like websites and shortlisting from the best applicants. Then, candidates need to face the final interview only. In most of the cases, it will conduct via phone or online, for overseas aspirants. How simple is the recruiting process! Right?

These are the top 18 Twitter accounts a job seeker must follow for placement or better prospects in IT sector. Some of them are software companies, technology-related firms or leading social networking sites. However, they offer high-level growth opportunities for talents in computer-related field.

1) Microsoft | @MicrosoftJobs

Bio: Microsoft is an American company that develops, manufactures and sells Windows OS, software, computers and other services. Recently it acquired Finnish mobile manufacturer, Nokia INC. And naturally, it is the ultimate destination for most of the IT professionals.

Total employee strength: 1,27,104

Followers on Twitter: 74.3k

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2) Apple | @AppleRecruiter

Bio: Manufacturer of iOS, iPhones, iPads, iPods, and Mac systems.

Total employee strength: 80,000

Followers on Twitter: 3,563

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3) Google | @lifeatgoogle

Bio: Google is a world-famous search engine, developers and makers of several internet, gadget related products.

Total employee strength: 52,069

Followers on Twitter: 510k

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4) Facebook | @facebook

Bio: It is no.1 social networking site, headquartered in California, US.

Total employee strength: 6,818

Followers on Twitter: 14M

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5) Twitter | @TwitterU

Bio: Twitter is a micro-blogging social networking site that allows users to send 140 character texts, known as tweets.

Total employee strength: 3,000

Followers on Twitter: 139k

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6) LinkedIn | @LinkedIn_Jobs

Bio: LinkedIn is a job-oriented social media site for working professionals.

Total employee strength: 5,000

Followers on Twitter: 13.6k

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7) Cognizant | @Cognizant

Bio: No. 1 in the Fortune’s list of fastest-growing companies.

Total employee strength: 1,78,000

Followers on Twitter: 176k

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8) IBM | @IBMjobsglobal

Bio: IBM is a multinational technology and consulting corporation. It is no. 3rd global brand and # 1 company for leaders as selected by Fortune magazine.

Total employee strength: 4,31,212

Followers on Twitter: 4,666

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9) Oracle | @ExploreOracle

Bio: Oracle is a computer technology firm headquartered in the US and it is the second-largest software maker after Microsoft.

Total employee strength: 122,458

Followers on Twitter: 9,341

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10) SAP | @LifeatSAP

Bio: SAP is a German company developing applications for business operations.

Total employee strength: 66,500

Followers on Twitter: 10.3k

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11) CA Technologies | @Cainc

Bio: CA Inc is one of the leading independent software companies in the world.

Total employee strength: 12,600

Followers on Twitter: 107k

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12) Symantec | @symanteccareers

Bio: Symantec is a US company that develops security, backup software, and services.

Total employee strength: 20,402

Followers on Twitter: 818

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13) HP | @HPCareers

Bio: Hewlett- Packard is a US-based technology firm, providing hardware and software solutions to worldwide customers.

Total employee strength: 3,17,500

Followers on Twitter: 14.1k

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14) Intel | @JobsatIntel

Bio: Intel is one of the largest manufacturers of semiconductor chips and microprocessors.

Total employee strength: 1,07,600

Followers on Twitter: 37.4 k

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15) Dell | @CareersAtDell

Bio: Dell is one of the key players in making computers and related products.

Total employee strength: 1,08,800

Followers on Twitter: 21.8k

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16) Fujitsu | @FujitsuCareers

Bio: Fujitsu is Japan-based makers of software and computer-related products.

Total employee strength: 1,68,733

Followers on Twitter: 251

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17) adobe | @AdobeCareers

Bio: It is leading software developers offering a wide range of software and web designing programs.

Total employee strength: 11,144

Followers on Twitter: 7,883

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18) Vmware | @VMwarecareers

Bio: Vmware is developing software for cloud and virtualization.

Total employee strength: 14,300

Followers on Twitter: 14.8k

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