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How to Recycle Your Old Blog Posts – 14 Ways for Regenerating the Traffic

recycle old blog posts

Do you have some evergreen posts on the site? Want to know how to divert traffic to them? Then you have reached the right place. We will show you different strategies, using by the expert bloggers to recycle their old blog posts to get readers attention.

Contents are valuable over a period of time. But if you have hundreds of blog posts, it will be difficult for the readers to find each of them. I know, you will get search engine traffic even then. Is it enough for you?

Nope. You should go for some extra methods to bring additional traffic to your old contents. Social media plays a key role in creating website traffic. But it’s not the sole player. I am going to explain proven strategies, following by experts in the field to bring their old posts to limelight again.

1. Internal Links

Internal linking is widely using a method to connect similar posts in a site or network. Imagine, your next post is on WordPress security. You shared several security-related tips like how to prevent hacking, how to strengthen your website security etc in the post. Here you can give a link to your old blog post on top WordPress security plugins. Both posts handle similar topics. So if a user who is interested in your security tips, will definitely go to the linked post to know more.

You can give link by using anchor text or inserting full post title. Before giving the connection, make sure that your old post is still relevant. If it carries any outdated information, replace it with the latest details. Otherwise, it may affect your credibility.

2. Featured Posts

This is another useful method to divert traffic to old blog posts. A featured post will come to the attention of the readers at a sudden moment and there is a chance to open the post for more.

In three ways, you can set a featured post.

  • Using slider
  • Sticky posts
  • Featured posts in the sidebar

Don’t forget to change featured posts at frequent intervals according to the latest search trends and traffic. You can add a Featured badge or a light border around the sticky posts if needed. So readers can differentiate it from the latest posts. But you should know the coding and the theme should allow you to do so.

3. Republish the Content

Republish the content as new. Change the date and update the post with the latest information. Make sure the following things before proceeding further.

  • You are using www.yourname.com/sample-post as a permalink structure. If you are showing day/month in the Url and changed the date, will get 404 error on old post links. You will get warnings from Google and the same will affect your website ranking too.
  • Removed the old information and update the same with the latest.

4. Related Posts

Use a related posts plugin if your theme doesn’t have the option by default. It will show similar posts on your website, at the bottom of each article.

Being showed from the same category or tag, most likely readers will jump into any of your old posts. Thus it becomes a good example of regenerating the traffic.

5. Followup Posts

I recently mentioned this strategy in one of the posts. Instead of republishing the old blog post, you can create a new post with updated information and link it to the old content.

I had an old blog post,

The 40+Best Cloud Storage Services

Actually, it is published not quite long back. I wrote it in early 2017. After some weeks, I decided to write a similar post.

I titled it as,

Top 10 Dropbox Alternatives

Both posts handle almost similar topics. The latest one can be treated as a follow-up post and I linked them together. This method is entirely different from the internal linking, here we made a new post with a clear intention to connect it to the old one.

6. Roundup Posts

Create a post roundup. Choose some awesome posts on your site and publish them under a common head. Suppose, you have a number of posts, related to Windows 10 tips. Collect all of them and publish under the name Windows 10: 10 Best Tips to Improve Your Productivity. Readers can easily find each of your articles and for you, traffic is the benefit. But Google is not in the favor of roundup posts, so give Nofollow attribute to it.

7. Revive Old Post

Revive Old Post is a must have plugin for WordPress blogs. It will pick any of your old posts and share them across the connected networks.

You can customize plugin in the following ways:

  • Set the minimum age of the post for sharing
  • Choose minimum intervals between the share
  • Number of posts to be shared at the same time
  • Include or exclude categories for the share
  • Automatically add hashtags
  • Insert common hashtags for all shares

8. Viral Content Bee

Viral Content Buzz is a popular platform for social media sharing. It works on the principle of giving and take. Top influencers in the field will share your posts with their followers in exchange of credits. Thousands of bloggers are already engaged with the community. While sharing their posts, you will be rewarded with the points which can be utilized for self-promotion.

Submit your old blog posts and wait for other marketers to share, which will bring a good amount of traffic very soon.

9. Pinterest

Image is a great source of traffic. Always try to insert a beautiful, relevant image in your blog posts. Pin your old blog posts to a Pinterest board. The photo sharing site is the top destination of the bloggers for promotions. Learn The 9 Ways to Use Pinterest to Divert Huge Traffic to Your Blog.

10. Mention fellow-bloggers

Share your old posts on social media profiles and mention your fellow-bloggers there. They will read your contents and may comment on them. This strategy will help you to bring visits from their social media network also.

11. Flipboard

Flipboard is my favorite news aggregation site where you can collect and save stories on various subjects. It can bring massive traffic to websites. Flip your old articles, images, and videos for regenerating the traffic.

12. Social Media Marketing

Can we forget social media marketing tools? We discussed them in one of the recent posts, which will automatically recycle your contents across the social media services connected.

13. Email Marketing

According to recent research, email marketing is the most successful method for promoting products and contents. It guarantees a nominal result to all your efforts. Promote your old blog posts along with the latest among your email subscribers.

14. Social Media Groups

Facebook, LinkedIn, and others contain groups on various categories. Join communities in your niche and share your old blog posts according to their rules and regulations. Some groups won’t allow self-promotions, violating the same will lead to getting the spam badge and permanent removal from the group.

Follow these tips carefully and get traffic to your old blog posts. Do you have anything else to share? Feel free to share your feedback through comments.

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