10 Amazing Things Yoast SEO Plugin can do for Your WordPress Site

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Yoast SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an essential part of blogging. You will find several plugins in the WordPress library to automate the job, Yoast SEO is popular among them. It is free and let you configure the site, posts in various ways.

1. Search Results

WordPress SEO

Configure how do you want to show your website in search results. Check the screenshot image. It shows not just website name in the title, other than that it gives a brief idea to the readers about what type of contents they cover. Similarly, you can customize your blog title using Yoast. Tap SEO in left bar > Search Appearance > General. Customize the title and description for your blog site. Add necessary keywords to educate search engines about what type of site is yours.

In the same way, you can manage other sections of the site like posts, pages, categories, archives, etc by going to the relevant tabs on top. Search engines and social media sites usually show post titles in this format – post title + blog name. If you would like to show just post title there, delete everything other than %%title%% in title template of post types. It will remove the website name from the post title.

Time-consuming: 3 minutes

2. Social Media Optimization

We can’t forget social media. It helps us to get massive traffic to our contents or online business. Sometimes we need to insert complex codes in theme header for optimizing our site with social sites. It is not practical for everyone. Yoast SEO will help you in such a situation. Go to SEO > Social. Configure leading social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus. It includes Facebook open graph metadata and Twitter card metadata.

Time-consuming: 2 minutes

3. XML Sitemaps

Google XML sitemap

A sitemap is a list of URLs on a website which is accessible to the search engines or readers. We should submit it to the webmaster account to make crawling easier. Yoast SEO let you generate customized sitemaps where you can include or exclude some post types, pages, taxonomies from crawling.

Time consuming: < 1 minute

4. Breadcrumbs & RSS

Readers can easily navigate between posts and categories if you have enabled breadcrumbs on the site. You can enable/disable this option by going to SEO > Advanced > Breadcrumbs.

It will automatically add copyright text before or after each post in RSS feed. This option informs search engines that the said post belongs to you, no one else. So others can’t copy paste your contents into their sites.

Time-consuming: 1 minute

5. Permalinks

It is another important feature of Yoast SEO. Images can bring a good amount of traffic to your site. But attachments have own URLs which help you neither in this case. So redirect them to original posts, which will turn visitors into blog readers ultimately. Go to SEO > Advanced > Permalinks > Enable Redirect attachment URLs to parent post URL.

Turn on or off other permalink related options on the same page. Stop words in slugs is another useful option to remove unwanted words from the URL structure. Tap Remove to activate the feature.

Time-consuming: 2 minutes

6. Bulk Editor

Bulk edit Yoast SEO title, description for all your posts and pages. Go to SEO > Tools > Bulk editor to get the options.

Time-consuming: depends upon your work

7. File editor

You can configure Robots.txt and .htaccess file by visiting Yoast tools. Robots.txt carries instructions to the search engines regarding what type of contents it can crawl from the site. Both of them play important roles in running a website. Option is available here- SEO > Tools > File editor.

Time-consuming: 20 minutes

8. Import and Export

Import and export SEO settings from other sites of yours or even from other SEO plugins.

Time-consuming: 1 minute

9. Search Console

404 errors google

Connect your site with Google Webmaster tools. It let you check error codes Google receives while crawling your URLs right from the WordPress admin panel. This option will help you a lot to recover the site if something bad happened because of malicious attacks.

Time-consuming: 2 minutes

10. Manage single posts

WordPress SEO

Yoast SEO can also be used to give different titles for your post. It means you can display the different title in search results other than the normal title of the post. In the editing screen, jump to Yoast options. Tap Edit Snippet button to add the second title for the post.  Enter it in the SEO title box and close the editor.

In the same way, you can add separate titles for Facebook and Twitter. Tap Social icon from the left and fill necessary fields under each tab. Advanced tab lets you follow or Nofollow the post, set canonical URL, etc.

Time consuming: 3 minutes

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