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Top 10 Best Broken Link Checker Tools for Your Website

broken link checker

Broken links or dead links are very common in websites. They divert visitors to a link which no longer exists. Such links will create a negative impact on your readers. In other words, it will affect your credibility and website SEO.

If users get broken links again and again on your site, Google may degrade your search engine ranking. We should avoid that bad situation, anyway. Isn’t it?

According to Google, webmasters need to scan their site at frequent intervals for broken links in order to avoid the penalty. But we know that it’s not practical.

The job is easier for WordPress users as they can make use of dedicated plugins to find those links automatically. Others should go with online broken link finder tools for the purpose.

1. Broken Link Check

Broken Link Check is a free online tool to find broken links on your site. It is easy to use. Just visit the page from this link and enter your website URL in the box for free checkup.

Wait for a couple of minutes to finish the scan. It depends on the size of your blog. Finally, it will deliver the list of your broken links along with error code and where they found.

2. Broken Link Checker

Broken Links

Broken Link Checker is a popular plugin for WordPress users. It will monitor your blog in real time basis and let you know if any dead link found.

This kind of notification, you will get in such a situation.

Broken Links

You can view them anytime by going to Tools > Broken Links.

  • Edit URL – Edit or replace the URL right from the plugin screen
  • Unlink  –  Removes the link, but anchor text will remain
  • Not broken – If you are very much confident about the link, mark it as not broken and working well.
  • Dismiss – Hide the link from the broken link section. You won’t be reported again unless its status changes. It is still available under Dismissed tab.
  • Recheck – Ask the plugin to recheck the same

Instead of editing the link URL, you can edit the entire post as well. The post name along with Edit link will be displayed right end of the screen. Open the post to edit and customize.

Other main advantages of Broken Link Checker plugin:

  • It will check links in posts, pages, comments, contact form and custom fields
  • Link types may be HTML, HTML images, plain text URLs and embedded videos
  • It will suggest alternatives to broken links
  • Prevents search engines from following dead links

Demo & Download

3. WP Broken Link Status Checker

Broken Links

It is another useful solution to find and fix broken links on your WordPress site. The plugin will scan for links in texts, images and send you a detailed report on completion.

WP Broken Link Status Checker is highly configurable and let you search links by level, code, anchor text, domain and HTML attributes.

Demo & Download

4. Google Webmaster Account

Broken Links

Google webmaster account offers several options to manage and monitor a website. We all know about its URL submission feature. But how many of us are regularly visiting Crawl errors and internal links sections of the tool?

Google continuously monitor your site and let you know if any error found on URLs. The information will contain the date when the broken link first detected, last found and source posts. You can make changes in the said posts accordingly.

5. W3C Link Checker – Most recommended link checking tool from World Wide Web Consortium

6. Dead link checker – A simple online tool to check broken links on single or even multiple websites at the same time

7. Broken Link Checker – A basic tool that scans any website for links

8. Dr. Link Check – A speedy online scanner to check broken internal and external links with maximum 1000 limit per website

9. Link Checker – A WordPress plugin to find broken links on URLs and images

10. Check My Links – A Google Chrome extension to scan a web page for dead links. Ideal for designers, developers and content editors.